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Smith College Bicycle Policy

Smith College supports the use of bicycles by students, faculty, and staff for traveling to and around the college campus. Bicycles have a long history on the Smith campus. In the 1920s the Sophian reported on the growing use of bicycles on campus. Today, we know that the use of bicycles has benefit to individual health and (when replacing cars) reduces vehicle emissions that are harmful to human health and reduces emission of greenhouse gasses to the atmosphere. Collectively, these benefits to students, faculty, staff, and the environment are consistent with Sophia Smith’s wish that “… the institution be so conducted, that during all coming time it shall do the most good to the greatest number.”

In order to ensure a safe and productive bicycle environment, this Bicycle Policy has been established for our community.

  1. Registration

    All bicycles owned by students, faculty, and staff and used on campus must be registered with the Campus Safety Department. Registration can be completed at Campus Safety at any time (in the Facilities Building) or printed from the Campus Safety website and returned, completed, to Campus Safety.

    1. The registration decal is valid for four (4) years. 
    2. For students, registrations will expire after four (4) years or upon completion or withdrawal from the college.
    3. For faculty and staff, registrations will expire after four (4) years or at end of employment with Smith College, if sooner.
    4. Any student, faculty, or staff member who has a bicycle with an expired registration must re-register the bicycle.
  2. Registration Decal

    UNC bike registration_Page_2.jpg

    The reflective registration decal must be affixed to the vertical part of the frame facing forward.

  3. Parking and Storage
    During the academic year

    During the academic year, all bicycles on campus must be parked or stored in a bicycle rack.  Bicycles may not be secured to fire hydrants, trees, parking signs, fences, benches, stairwells, ramps (handicap and/or other), or in the egress path of any building. Bicycles may not be stored in student rooms.

    End of the academic year

    At the conclusion of each academic year, all bicycles left on exterior bicycle racks will be removed and donated. Please speak to Campus Safety (x-2490) if you would like to donate your bicycle at any time of the year. Bicycles are removed from areas related to Ivy Day events and Commencement events.

    During the summer

    Summer storage for student bicycles in not available. Bicycles may not be left on racks over the summer.

  4. Massachusetts Bicycle Laws

    Smith College asks that all student and employee bicyclists obey relevant Massachusetts bicycle laws. Among other things, these laws require that:

    • Any bicycle operating one-half hour after sunset to one-half hour before sunrise must display a front light that is visible for not less than 500 feet and a red reflector on the rear fender visible for not less than 300 feet.
    • A bell or horn capable of giving a signal audible for at least 100 feet is required, and
    • Each bicycle must be equipped with a brake that will enable the operator to stop the bicycle quickly and evenly.
  5. Violation of Policy

    Any bicycle in violation of the college’s bicycle policy (unregistered, showing an expired registration decal or improperly parked or stored) will be removed. If it is not claimed within the semester it will be removed and be donated. A student who repeatedly violates this policy will lose their bicycle privileges at Smith College.

    Campus Safety will invite a committee to review the bicycle policy on a biannual basis.

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