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Any Smith College student can attend any open registered house party or any closed registered house party or program that they have been invited to and not be considered a guest (as long as they have their Smith College OneCard in their possession).  In the context of house events, a guest is defined as any person who is not a Smith College student. This includes children and relatives of Smith students and Smith alumnae. Smith students must present their Smith I.D. All non-Smith students must present photo I.D. and sign in with their Smith host. For open and closed registered house parties, House Social Event Coordinators must have at least two people at the door at all times checking photo I.D.’s and ensuring that all guests sign in with their Smith host. The Smith host of a guest is responsible for the conduct of that guest. An event sponsor must be prepared to send away uninvited guests, guests without proper I.D. or guests who are causing a problem in the house.

Open Registered House Party

For an open registered house party, any Smith student may attend without being on a guest list. Off-campus guests who are invited by Smith students must be accompanied by their Smith host and must sign in at the door. Smith students are allowed to host three (3) at an open party. Residence Life reserves the right to review this and make appropriate changes when necessary.

Closed Registered House Party

For a closed registered house party, houses must have a pre-established guest list identifying everyone invited from outside the house. Smith students hosting a closed party are allowed to host three (3) guests at any given time. Guests at a closed house party must be on the pre-established guest list turned in to the designated residence life professional staff member by noon on the Friday prior to the event.

House/Senior Banquets

This event is open only to residents of the house and graduating seniors who have lived in the house previously and have been invited back to be honored. Former residents of a house who are graduating may be invited to attend a Senior Banquet.

Small Private Event and Apartment Party

An event sponsor is responsible for the conduct of their guests. An event sponsor must be prepared to send away uninvited guests or guests who are causing a problem in the house or apartment.

House Program

House Programs are intended for the residents of a house and to help build house community. Guests may not be invited to such events. However, if a resident of the house happens to have a friend visiting during the time of the house event, the friend may attend the event as long as they are accompanied by the resident.

Updated July 2023