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Guests are any persons who are not officially assigned to live in a residential house. This includes other Smith students, children, relatives of Smith students and Smith alumnae. Overnight guests, defined as persons staying beyond 2 a.m., are permitted to stay in the assigned room of the host with consent of all roommates. It is required that any house member hosting guests will be in residence while their guests are present. In other words, it is not okay to leave a guest in your room when you leave the house.

A student entertaining guests is responsible for seeing that their guests know the house and college regulations and abide by them, as they will be held responsible for their guest's actions on college property. Guests must wait at the front door until the house member being visited is called down to escort them upstairs. The house member is also responsible for escorting their guests out of the house when they leave as well as paying for guest meals.

Residential students are only permitted to have overnight guests for a total of 3 nights, which can be consecutive, in a 14 day period. If a student has a roommate and would like to host a guest, they must first speak with their roommate about expectations for such a visit. All roommates must consent to guests in the room. If students have questions about what is considered an overnight guest or need an exception to this policy, they must speak with their professional residence life staff member.

All guests are expected to respect the rights of house residents and to abide by house and college regulations. Guests whose behavior is not cooperative and respectful may be asked to leave or required by the college to leave. Violators of the guest policy will be subject to disciplinary action.

Residents may not lend house keys to guests or other Smith students.

Any student who has a guest requiring parking for a limited number of days should have their guest report to Campus Safety with their car registration. A Campus Safety officer will issue a visitor parking permit and assign a parking area.

Each resident has the right and responsibility to ask any unwanted person to leave their room at any time for any reason. The person asked to leave must do so.

Updated July 2023