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Fund Raising and Entrepreneurial Activities on Campus


Non-student Organizations and Individuals
Requests by non-student organizations and individual students to raise funds on-campus on behalf of a registered non-profit organization should be directed to the Director of Student Engagement in the form of a written proposal. Proposals should include the purpose of the fundraising activity, the name and location of the non-profit agency, the date, time and proposed location of the fundraiser.

Students and Student Organizations
Students or student organizations raising funds on behalf of an academic department, college office or athletic team should contact the Office of Student Engagement regarding fundraising policies and space reservations after they have received written permission from their department or office.


Any student who plans an entrepreneurial venture to raise funds for personal gain on campus must submit a project proposal, business plan, copies of proper certifications and/or licenses and their Risk Management Agreement to the Office of Student Engagement for consideration. Once approved, the student entrepreneur will be treated as an outside vendor.

Student entrepreneurs are encouraged to contact the Conway Innovation & Entrepreneurship Center (CIEC) for assistance with developing a business plan and various logistics of owning and operating a business. CIEC administers several funds designed to support students with advancing existing businesses, business ideas or product implementation. Request for funding applications can be made directly to the CIEC. Please contact the administrative director, to discuss funding and resource options.