Student Handbook

House System

Accessible Housing

Wheelchair-accessible student rooms with baths are currently located in Albright, Baldwin, Capen, Chapin, Chase, Cutter, Duckett, Gillett, Haven, Hubbard, King, Lamont, Northrop, Sessions complex, Scales, Tenney, Wesley, Comstock, Wilder, Washburn, Wilson and Ziskind houses. In addition, Cushing, Emerson, Gardiner, Jordan, Morris, Morrow and Tyler, are accessible to the first floor. The Friedman apartments also have units that are wheelchair accessible with baths.

Several rooms across campus have been made communications-accessible to deaf or hard-of-hearing students through the installation of specialized equipment. Entering students who need physical or communications-accessible housing should so indicate on both the disability identification form and the housing information form and provide supporting documentation to the Office of Disability Services. All accessible housing requests will be coordinated with the Office of Disability Services. Students needing special arrangements must be registered in the Office of Disability Services.