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House Security

The safety and security of students and their houses are matters of serious concern, and all students share the responsibility for house security. Exterior house doors are always kept locked and should not be held open by props or wedges. Students should not let guests into houses unescorted. Visitors are expected to call the person they want to see and be escorted at all times they are in or around the building.

The houses shall be liable for losses or damages resulting from negligence in maintaining security. The house account shall be billed for the replacement or repair of the items involved.

Abuse of house regulations resulting in behavior that causes hazard, injury or inconvenience to members of the community or to the college is subject to disciplinary action by the conduct board. These matters may be referred to the college administration or College Conduct Board for resolution.

Students must not violate provisions of a Massachusetts buildings code or state fire and health regulations. Students are not permitted on the roofs, ledges or balconies above the first floor of buildings. Fire escapes should be used only for emergency exits. Violators will be subject to disciplinary action.