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The Association

The Student Government Association is charged with the responsibility for overseeing student organizations and acting as a means for students to govern their non-academic lives and academic interests. The SGA serves as a:

  1. proactive representative of SGA organizations and the student body at large,
  2. liaison and facilitator to ensure that the administration is held responsible for meeting students' needs,
  3. body which honors the diversity and evolving concerns of our student body at large by working for their direct benefit,
  4. advocate for active cooperation in the work of self-governance, and
  5. body to enact and enforce laws according to the Grant of Powers.

Each student is a member of the association at large, which elects all officers. The officers comprise the cabinet, which oversees general policy making. Through the work of various elected and appointed officers and committees, the SGA represents the views of the student body to the trustees, the administration and various college committees.

In addition to the SGA Cabinet, on-campus students will elect representatives to the senate through their respective houses. Off-campus students will elect representatives to the senate during the fall all-college election. A detailed explanation of rules and procedures of the SGA is found in the SGA Constitution.

Nominations and elections for all-college positions are held in the spring. Nominations and elections of senators are held in the fall.