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Summer Storage (see Trunk Rooms)

Each house has limited storage areas that may be used to store a small number of items. These areas are not secure, and no item that has any value, real or sentimental, should be left in a storage area. The college will not accept any responsibility for any loss or damage to any item, including bicycles left in storage over the summer, regardless of the cause of the loss. Items that are not properly labeled or which do not belong to residents will be discarded. Students are urged to bring all items of any value home during the summer, or to use locally available commercial storage facilities. The college strongly encourages students to use private off-campus storage companies and facilities. Information regarding private storage companies will be available to all students during the spring semester. For the most current trunk room information, please see the Trunk Room Storage website.

The college is unable to allow students to bring luggage or furniture to campus in advance of the college’s official opening. The Smith campus is exceptionally busy during July and August, with summer programs, renovation projects, and with preparation of buildings for the opening of the college.