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Applied Learning & Research

Ford Hall Lab

Smith’s wide array of innovative programs and centers, cross-disciplinary initiatives, and internship and service opportunities are designed to enrich the academic experience to help students further explore their passions in real-world pursuits.

News from the Grécourt Gate

The Grécourt Gate showcases the ideas, the people behind the ideas and the original contributions Smith is making to larger intellectual dialogues through the culture of research and the liberal arts at the college, where a vibrant community of scholars and students exhibit a love of discovery. Here are some recent features.

The Art of the Pop-Up

Professor Joseph O’Rourke unwraps the mathematical intricacies of paper folding in his new book Pop-Up Geometry, The Mathematics Behind Pop-Up Cards.

Finding New Evidence of Early Animal Life

Professor Sara Pruss and Lexie Leeser ’21 have made a discovery that could change prevailing wisdom about early animal life on Earth. In a paper just published in Science Advances, they present fossil evidence that suggests colonial animals known as bryozoans appeared approximately 30 million years earlier than previously reported.

Guiding Light

Psychology professor Mary Harrington explains how light influences our circadian rhythms.

‘Power and Vulnerability’: 2022 Amplify Awards

This year’s Amplify Competition revealed the “power and vulnerability” of students using their voices in public writing, speaking and art. The contest is the culmination of a yearlong Wurtele Center for Leadership program of workshops, events and coaching.

Of Syphilis and Kings

Syphilis existed in medieval Europe, and it caused the death of England’s King Edward IV. That’s the surprising argument of Smith College scholar Marylynn Salmon, just published in The Medieval Globe, a history journal.