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Posting of Information

Collegewide announcements and important dates and events for students are published in eDigest. Students are responsible for being aware of the announcements made in eDigest, as eDigest is an official Smith College communication and is sent directly to students in their email. Students should refer to the Policy on Use of Email for official college communication to be aware of their responsibility for reading college communications transmitted by email to a student’s official Smith College email address.

The bulletin boards in college academic and administrative buildings (with the exception of the Campus Center and the college grounds) are official college bulletin boards. Only administrative and academic departments, chartered student organizations and Five College departments, offices, and organizations may post material on these boards. No postings, banners, drawings, flyers, or other displays of content of any kind are permitted in public space elsewhere on campus, and such postings will be removed when found.

These policies are intended to protect the appearance of the campus, to protect buildings and grounds from damage, and to avoid the placement of posters where they might create a safety hazard. Any questions about the interpretation of these policies should be referred to the Office of the Dean of Students. Violation of this policy may result in disciplinary action.

Revised Spring 2008, (updated July 2021, October 2021)