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Giving to Smith

Group of students in a circle on Chapin Lawn

Your Gift Makes a Difference

Educating women for leadership speaks directly to a compelling societal need. After all:

  • There are only 32 female CEOs in the Fortune 500.
  • In 2015, women working in America earned 83 percent of men’s median hourly earnings.
  • In the U.S., women compose 21 percent of the Senate and 19 percent of the House of Representatives.

No institution is better poised to answer this need than Smith College.

Thanks to the generous support of alumnae and friends like you, Smith is able to provide strong financial aid packages, world-class teaching and innovative programming that helps purposeful women develop the skills and the confidence to transform our world.

As one donor recently said, “I wanted to invest in minds—women’s minds. My hope is that our gifts will echo far beyond this campus and into the future.”