Student Handbook

Constitution of the Student Government Association of Smith College

Articles XVI - XX

Article XVI. Recall

Should 25 percent of an elected officer's constituency petition for recall of an all-college election within five school days of public notification of election results, the Committee on Elections and Appointments will conduct an investigation to see if such an action is merited. If the committee deems such action is warranted, they shall administer a recall vote for any position.

Article XVII. Referendum

Any petition signed by 15 percent of the association at large must be submitted for a referendum. If the measure is approved by a simple majority (more than half) affirmative vote of the association, it shall be sent to the appropriate committee for implementation.

Article XVIII. Bylaws

  1. Bylaws contain the procedures and rules for the SGA. All procedures not discussed in the constitution, bylaws, or properly adopted rules of order shall be referred to the most current edition of Robert's Rules of Order.
  2. The bylaws shall be approved by two-thirds of the senate membership.
  3. Amendments to the bylaws shall be approved by two-thirds of the senate membership.

Article XIX. Amendment

  1. The cabinet or a voting member of the senate may propose an amendment to the constitution.
  2. An amendment may also be proposed by 20 percent of the association.
  3. Such an amendment shall be approved by two-thirds of the senate membership. Following senate approval, and at least one week before the final vote is taken, the text of the amendment shall be presented to the college. The vote shall be administered by the Committee on Elections and Appointments.
  4. An amendment to the constitution shall be ratified by a two-thirds affirmative vote of the voting constituents.

Article XX. Ratification

The ratification of the SGA constitution shall be by an affirmative vote of two-thirds of the association at large.

March 23, 2015