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Disability Services


Disability Services

College Hall 104
Smith College
Northampton, MA 01063
413-585-2071 or “disability services” in Gmail

All communication with ODS is confidential.

Our office is open 8:30-4:30, Monday-Friday
You may feel free to call or email for an appointment. 

Parking and Ramps
Accessible parking and a ramp with power-assist door are located at the rear of College Hall.

Sign language

The Office of Disability Services (ODS) serves as a central point of information and coordination to ensure equal access and full participation for students with disabilities in all programs and activities at Smith College. Employee accommodations are coordinated by Human Resources. Principles of Universal Design and Disability Justice guide us in our work as we strive to proactively identify and remove barriers to participation wherever possible. We also strive to promote a disability-positive and inclusive climate at Smith; such a climate recognizes each person's multiple identities and values all diverse perspectives which contribute to a rich living and learning environment. Smith's commitment to providing support and services is balanced with a humanistic and developmental approach that requires student engagement and responsibility in the accommodation process. More information about disability rights and policies can be found within our linked pages.


Welcome Incoming Undergrads!

Newly Admitted Students may register with our office through Workday

beginning on the afternoon of May 23. 

Instructions for registering: Submit Disability Identification Request

Difficulties registering? Please email

After submitting your form, please email for an appointment

Requests for housing accommodations must be submitted by June 1

If you have any specific housing related questions, please ask!



Retrieving your Accommodation Letter in Workday

Submit Disability Identification Request

After submitting your form, please email for an appointment

Documentation Standards

Access Van

The Access Van is now operated out of Campus Safety. The service will start on September 6 and currently runs Monday-Friday 8am-6pm. Please email Zachary Parker-Mayforth to request or schedule rides:

Quick Zoom Workshops from Dr. John Body:

Time Management

Reading Strategies

Campus Map

View the Smith College interactive campus map, showing accessibility access.

Create Accessible Documents

Use Robobraille to quickly convert your scanned or existing electronic documents. The success of this conversion depends upon the quality of the original document. 

Make Your Event Accessible

Event organizers should ensure accessibility for people with disabilities at all Smith meetings, events and functions unless there is a specific reason that it cannot be provided or arranged. Contact the Office of Disability Services ( with questions.

Assistive Listening Devices

Assistive listening devices must be made available in any space that requires amplification. Please review the guidelines below. 

News and Events

In our COVID-19 efforts we want to clearly acknowledge there are students, staff, and faculty with immune disorders, disabilities, or other health conditions who will continue to live with greater risk for the foreseeable future.  Additionally, we know that some communities face health inequities that place them at increased risk. 

As an inclusive community, the needs of the most impacted individuals must be understood and considered in our planning decisions. From that perspective, we can strive to remain a healthy and welcoming community for all and sustain a culture of care.

We are committed to exploring accommodations and alternative strategies where possible and necessary, and to finding individualized solutions wherever it is reasonable and efficacious to do so, in order to safely care for all members of our community.

Please use this resource page to learn more about the support available on and off campus: 

On Campus:

Smith College Office of Disability Services - academic and other accommodations for high-risk students and those experiencing long COVID symptoms.

Smith College Schacht Center - strategies for wellness, COVID-19 related medical care/consultations, and referrals to community resources.

Smith Class Deans Office - medical leaves and academic support.

Smith College Counseling Center and My SSP - support groups, individual counseling, psychiatry, referrals. 

Smith College Office of Equity and Inclusion 

Smith College Ombud - support for faculty and staff. 

Smith College Human Resources - for employees’ questions and accommodations.

Smith College Benefits: EAP & FMLA Leave 

ADA/504 Coordinators: Laura Rauscher & Martha Alexander


Resources for People Experiencing Long Covid

MA Department of Public Health

Where to Test: Northampton, MA

Northampton, MA General Covid Information


Our Staff

Students, staff, faculty and visitors to Smith who have a disability or might be experiencing difficulties that could be related to a disabling condition should contact the Office of Disability Services to set up a meeting.

Students and visitors are welcome to drop in to the office, but appointments are highly recommended. 

EJ Seibert

Associate Director 
Phone: 413-585-2071 
Fax: 413-585-4498

Lisa Page

Administrative Assistant
Phone: 413-585-2071 
Fax: 413-585-4498

Jeanette Landrie

Coordinator for Academic Access


New Students

To register with our office, please begin the process by completing the Disability Identification Form in Workday. Here are the instructions:

Submit Disability Identification Request

If you have been newly accepted and plan to enroll at Smith, please make every effort to contact our office well before you arrive on campus. Without sufficient advance notification and proper documentation, we may not be able to meet your requests or there may be delays.

Important Deadlines:

Housing accommodation requests must be submitted with appropriate documentation of a diagnosed disability no later than June 1. Please direct your care provider to our documentation guidelines:

Documentation Standards

While there is no deadline to submit a request for academic accommodations, so as to have your accommodation letter in hand prior to the first day of classes, please plan to register with our office and meet with a member of our staff no later than August 1.

  • Contact us directly to discuss what accommodations and services will be provided. Be aware that housing accommodation requests received past the June 1 deadline may not be able to be met. Please call us by the end of June if you need supports such as sign language interpreters, alternative print materials, etc., so that the appropriate services are in place when you arrive in the fall. Early registration may be arranged if necessary to facilitate this process.

Returning Students

Please be in touch with our office if you need to make any changes to your existing accommodations. If you do not need to make any changes to your accommodations, you do not need to complete any forms with our office.