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Learning & Development


Human Resources Learning & Development is committed to continuous learning that goes beyond training. We offer professional development programs throughout the academic year that give you an opportunity to gain knowledge and skills in order to make the most of your career at Smith. We believe your professional development is a shared responsibility and collaboration among you, your manager and Smith.

Important COVID-19 Information

Due to COVID-19 planning and implementation, upcoming workshops are postponed, except as noted below. For updates on Smith’s response to the COVID-19 outbreak, please visit the Coronavirus Disease 2019 (COVID-19) page.



All full-time and part-time staff and faculty at Smith, along with the other Five Colleges, are encouraged to enroll in these programs. Five College employees may need to access these training sessions through their college or university’s training resources.


Many of the resources provided can be accessed simply by clicking on the link provided with the description.  

Finding the Best within Webinars and other Resources

No course or chapter of a course will be perfect. You may find that you already know a lot about what the presenter is discussing, or some points don’t fit your situation. A focus on the insightful learning “gems” in these resources and how they will enhance your work/life challenges, is a successful approach to gaining the most from these and other resources you identify.

LinkedIn Learning (formerly

LinkedIn Learning can be accessed from the General tab on the Smith Portal. The recommended webinars contain the direct link to the training.

New Directions EAP (formerly e4Health EAP)

When using New Directions EAP (formerly e4Health EAP) webinars and resources, you may need to sign in here using Smith College as the “Company Code.” For some New Directions EAP webinars, you may need to create an account, although many webinars do not have this requirement.

The New Directions EAP Resource Library Training Center can be accessed here.


We welcome feedback on our recommendations.  We also welcome suggestions for other webinars, articles or other resources that our employees would find helpful when working remotely. Please send your feedback and recommendations to

Learning & Development Offerings

Webinars suggested are primarily provided through LinkedIn Learning, New Directions EAP (formerly e4Health EAP) and Harvard Pilgrim.

Instructions on how to access these websites are listed above.

Essential Skills

Web Tools

LinkedIn Learning offers individual webinars as well as a variety of courses designated as “Learning Paths.”. These multi-part webinars are courses on a variety of useful topics. Some Learning Paths lead to certifications and can be shared with your manager.

Speak to your manager to determine whether these or other Learning Path courses might be best suited to your professional development.

New to Microsoft Excel? Get up to speed quickly with the world's #1 spreadsheet program. In this Learning Path, you can learn to:

  • Create, format, and share Excel workbooks 
  • Work with basic formulas and functions 
  • Implement time-saving tips

Access the Learning Path here.

Presented by LinkedIn Learning

Length: 6 hours, 51 minutes

Problem Solving & Decision Making

A very personable trainer offers a wide variety of practical information about working remotely. Chapter topics include:

  • Successfully Working Remotely
  • Remote Work Productivity
  • Communication and Collaboration
  • Excelling as a Remote Worker

Access the webinar here.

Presented by Mike Gutman

Length: 1 hour

How to Work From Home With Children

This New York Times article offers tips for managing the challenge of working from home with children. 

A Guide for Working (From Home) Parents

A good range of ideas and options for  managing working from home while managing your children's daily routines.

Cultural Competency

Global workforce management expert Dr. Shirley Davis shares how to create and lead an organization that leverages the diverse talents of all contributors. Dr. Davis reveals the benefits of inclusive leadership, including the positive impacts it can have on employee engagement, innovation, and creativity. She then outlines a best practice framework for developing inclusive leaders in an organization, and shares tips for avoiding common leadership pitfalls. Upon wrapping up this course, new and experienced managers will gain practical strategies to use to cultivate a more inclusive workforce.

Access the webinar here.

Presented by Dr. Shirley Davis

Length: 1 hour

Leadership & Supervision

This course has many useful chapters that can be helpful, from planning for and conducting meetings, as well as handling issues that may come up. This course has rich chapters that can be viewed as standalone sessions.  

Two of the many insightful chapters include:

Chapter 2: Facilitating Meetings 

This chapter includes great advice for running a meeting, especially about setting and following action items resulting from the meeting. It also discusses other topics including how to keep people engaged and how to keep a meeting moving along at the right pace.

Chapter 5: Remote or Virtual Meetings

This chapter discusses some best practices for conducting remote meetings.

Access the webinar here.

Presented by Chris Croft

Length: 1 hour, 39 minutes

In this course, leadership consultant and global workforce expert Dr. Shirley Davis covers the basics of leading yourself and others. Along the way, she identifies the critical competencies and best practices for effectively leading today and in the future. Learn how to lead across differences and cultivate a more inclusive workplace; establish trust; build relationships up, down, and across the organization; lead change through agility and resilience; have difficult conversations; and more.  A great, short course for both those new to leadership and for more seasoned leaders looking for a quick review.

Access the webinar here.

Presented by Dr. Shirley Davis

Length: 41 minutes

Learn how to make the transition from managing to leading, with webinars on many management topics including:

  • Learn how to manage up down and across an organization. 
  • Drive business growth performance through decision-making and problem-solving.
  • Identify, measure, and develop the right talent.

Access the webinar here.

Length: 4 hours, 52 minutes

Emotional & Financial Wellness

In this information-filled PowerPoint presentation you will learn the basics about Medicare, Medicare enrollment and how to find out more information about Medicare.

Presented by MountainOne Insurance

The discussion within this webinar discusses how one can move from stress to resilience.

Access the webinar here.

Presented by Heidi Hanner

Length: 58 minutes

Lots of us would like to be more mindful, and live a more balanced life, but we don't know where to begin. During this session you learn a few practical techniques, like breathing and meditation exercises, that you can employ at any time (and in just a few minutes!) to get yourself into a more mindful state. Regular mindfulness practice can help you feel better, reduce your stress, and enjoy life more.

Access the webinar here.

Length: 1 hour

The webinar will help you examine, explore and expand your unique capacity for resilience. Resilience is the ability to adapt well in the face of adversity and thrive in your everyday life. Using a three-tiered approach of reflection, new understanding and skill-building, this presentation will help you: Examine and understand your current internal and external resilience Explore opportunities to nurture your resilience by identifying factors that promote a more resilient life Expand your life by incorporating the new knowledge and skills learned into your day-to-day life Overall, by enhancing your capacity for resilience, you will become better equipped to overcome difficulties and live the life you have always imagined!

Access the webinar here.

Length: 57 minutes

We live in a life of constant stress and striving. We run a mile a minute. We forget to breathe. The cost of stress on your health, finances, relationships and work are extraordinary. During this webinar, we'll discuss a number of simple mental, physical and relational relaxation techniques that will help you gain perspective and maintain your mental, physical and financial health and well-being.

Access the webinar here.

Length: 54 minutes