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Outside Employment Situations

Section 206

The college recognizes the right of employees to engage in employment opportunities outside the college. However, outside employment must not conflict with your duties, responsibilities, and regular work schedule at the college. In situations where your outside activities may create serious and justified criticism of the college or where the college's reputation is jeopardized, you will be discouraged from continuing such activities. You may use accrued vacation and holidays for outside employment if the time off is approved and does not interfere with the normal operations of the department. You may not use college facilities, staff, or other resources in performing work for another employer. Outside employment must comply with the college-wide Conflict of Interest Policy.

Consulting Policy

From time to time, employees may be asked to provide consulting services to other institutions or organizations. From the college's viewpoint, such consulting should be in areas that will increase your expertise and experience in your area of competence. Reasonableness and common sense, rather than arbitrary rules, apply to these situations.

Incidental use of college equipment may be allowed when consulting. Any more substantial use must be approved by your supervisor.