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General COVID-19 Information for Employees

COVID-19 Information and Protocols

Please note that COVID-19 protocols are subject to change based on caseloads, research, current data, and government guidelines and recommendations. Smith College will continue to examine and adjust protocols based on evolving information.

Indoor Masking

  • Masking is optional and welcomed everywhere on campus.
  • Please be supportive of those who choose to wear a mask.
  • Per CDC recommendations, employees who are experiencing COVID-19 symptoms or who have tested positive should mask for 10 days following the onset of symptoms.
  • Per CDC recommendations, employees identified as a close contact after being exposed to COVID-19 should mask for 10 days following the date of exposure.
  • Masks are available from department supervisor.


  • Asymptomatic testing is no longer offered on campus.
  • Employees are encouraged to work with their health care providers to address their diagnostic needs.For questions related to COVID-19 coverage please contact BCBS (800-782-3675) and/or OptumRX (888-374-8127).
  • Employees seeking PCR testing can find a local COVID-19 PCR test here.

Recommendations to slow the spread of COVID-19

  • If you are not feeling well, stay home and take a rapid antigen test.
  • Consult the CDC guidelines for up-to-date travel and health guidance.
  • Stay “Up to Date” with COVID vaccinations, as per CDC recommendations.

What to do if you test positive for COVID-19

  • Employees should let their manager know that they are sick, just as with any other illness.
  • Follow CDC isolation recommendations.
  • Enter accrued time (sick, personal, vacation) as normal to cover absence(s).
  • Email if additional assistance is needed.

What to do if you’re a close contact or exposed to COVID-19

  • Wear a mask for 10 days following an exposure.
  • Employees are able to attend work and activities as long as they are free from symptoms and wearing a mask.
  • Self-monitor for COVID-19 related symptoms.
  • If you develop symptoms, begin isolating immediately and take a test.
  • Per CDC recommendations, take a rapid test on day 5 after an exposure, or sooner if you develop symptoms.

Frequently Asked Questions


Do I need to report a positive case to Human Resources?
Positive cases should be reported to your supervisor. Employee health memos are no longer being created.

If I test positive for COVID, what time should I use in Workday?
Employees should use sick time. If sick time is exhausted, personal and vacation time would then be used.

If I test positive, do I still need to notify
Employees no longer need to notify the testing and tracing email address.

If I test positive but feel okay, can I still come to work?
Employees testing positive for COVID are expected to follow CDC guidelines for isolation and returning to work.


Do you still require proof of vaccination for employment?
Proof of vaccination for employment is no longer required.

Do you still require a covid test prior to my first day of employment?
Negative test prior to an employee's first day is no longer required.

Do you require proof of vaccination for an on-campus interview?
Visitors to campus are no longer required to show proof of vaccination.


Are tests, vaccinations and treatments for COVID still covered by my Smith medical insurance?
Effective May 12, 2023, in alignment with the end of the Public Health Emergency, coverage for COVID-19 testing and related services will be modified. Namely:

  • The plan will no longer cover over-the-counter COVID-19 tests. COVID-19 testing by a provider and related services (including medications) will remain covered, however, cost share will be determined by plan design (e.g., deductible and co-insurance applies).
  • Coverage for out-of-network vaccines will be based on plan design. COVID-19 vaccines will continue to be covered at no cost to members when administered by in-network clinicians and pharmacies.
  • Please contact the respective benefit administrator, Blue Cross Blue Shield (medical coverage) and/or OptumRx (pharmacy coverage), with questions.  Contact information is available on the Smith Benefits website.

Can I still use Flexible Spending Account (FSA) or Health Savings Account (HSA) funds to purchase at-home tests?
Yes, you can follow standard FSA and HSA reimbursement practices to purchase at-home COVID test kits.

Who do I contact if I have a COVID testing or vaccination question?
Please contact the respective benefit administrator, Blue Cross Blue Shield (medical coverage) and/or OptumRx (pharmacy coverage), with questions. Contact information is available on the Smith Benefits website.

How will I get paid if I’m out of work with COVID?
Employees should use accrued time to cover any absences, including COVID related absences.