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Time & Attendance Records

Workday Transition

Please excuse references to Banner, BannerWeb and JobX as we continue to update our policies and web pages to reflect our transition to Workday.

Section 205

College employment policies and federal and state legislation require that all paid and unpaid hours be accurately recorded. Time and attendance records are maintained electronically in the Banner Web Time Entry system and are carefully audited in the Payroll Office. These records are legal documents and must also be made available to representatives of the various government agencies responsible for compliance with applicable laws and regulations. Falsification of time and attendance records by employees or supervisors will be considered cause for disciplinary action.

Please also see the Code of Conduct (Accuracy of Records and Reporting) for additional information.

Non-Exempt Staff

The college is required by law to keep accurate records of the hours actually worked by nonexempt employees. Each non-exempt employee must record the number of hours worked each day as well as paid time off or unpaid hours taken. Employees are responsible for completing and submitting time sheets electronically using the Workday. Each pay period covers two weeks (Sunday through Saturday). Employee payroll checks are based on the hours recorded on that time sheet.

Exempt Staff

Exempt/administrative staff members are responsible for completing a leave report each pay period, which documents the amount of exception time (vacation, sick, personal time) taken during the current leave period. Employees are responsible for submitting this time electronically using the Banner Web Time Entry system.