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Bereavement Leave

Section 508


If you are employed in a regular or limited-term position of half time or more, you are eligible for paid bereavement leave. If you work half time or more, you are eligible for prorated paid bereavement leave based on the number of hours you are regularly scheduled to work.

If you work less than half time or hold a temporary position, you may request a short-term absence without pay in the event of a death in your family or household.

Terms and Conditions

Bereavement leave is granted to allow you to participate in events related to death and burial and is not granted if no such participation occurs. Paid bereavement leave is granted as follows:

Member of Immediate Family or Household

You will be granted up to three days of paid bereavement leave within a reasonable period following the date of death of a member of your immediate family or household. The amount of time granted will be based on family or funeral obligations and the closeness of your relationship to the deceased. One or two additional days of paid bereavement leave may be granted at the discretion of your department head if you must travel a considerable distance (i.e., outside New England or the Northeast) to attend the funeral of a member of your immediate family.

Other Relatives and Friends

In the event of the death of any other close relative, you will be granted one day of paid bereavement leave so that you may attend the funeral. With the approval of your department head, you may be allowed a reasonable number of hours to attend local funerals of close friends, neighbors, etc.

If you require additional time off for family reasons or to settle an estate, you may use personal time or vacation to extend your absence, or you may request an unpaid leave under the terms of the Short-Term Absence Without Pay or Leave Without Pay plans.

Effect of Bereavement Leave on Other Paid Time and Benefits

You are entitled to paid bereavement leave while on paid leave of 10 work days or less. Bereavement leave is not granted during unpaid leaves. While on paid bereavement leave you continue to earn personal time, vacation and sick leave at your normal rate. All benefits remain in effect.

If an official holiday to which you are entitled falls on a day for which you have been granted paid bereavement leave, you may arrange with your supervisor or department head to take another day off with pay on a mutually convenient day within 30 days of the holiday. 

If a death in your immediate family occurs while you are on vacation, you will be granted bereavement leave and may arrange, with the approval of your supervisor, to take an additional day of vacation for each day of funeral leave.

Questions about bereavement leave should be directed to your supervisor or department head, or to the Office of Human Resources.