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Background Checking

Section 216

Background checks will be completed on all final applicants for staff positions. Applicants who have received an offer are required to complete a Notification and Authorization for Background Check form in compliance with the Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA), which promotes the accuracy, fairness, and privacy of information in the files of consumer reporting agencies.

Background checks will also be conducted on current staff applying for transfers or promotions. After notification of an offer of employment or internal transfer/promotion, the college's background checking vendor will begin investigative background inquiries. The following background checks will be completed:

Background type New Hire Trsf/Promo (requires driving) Trsf/Promo (requires CORI) Trsf/Promo (requires finance)
SS Trace x      
Criminal Court Records x     x
Sex Offender x      
Driving   x    
Credit       x
CORI x   x  

If the background check is returned with no negative information, human resources will notify the hiring manager to proceed with the hire. However, if the background check does reveal negative information, the applicant will receive a copy of the background check report and a summary of his/her rights. The hiring manager will be notified that the background check requires further review. Human Resources will review the negative background data in consultation with General Counsel and/or the Controller's Office. Human Resources will review the final background data so that a sound hiring decision can be made. All persons with access to background report content are required to treat the information confidentially.

This policy will be implemented in compliance with all applicable federal and Massachusetts statutory requirements including notice, opportunity to contest information, and confidential maintenance of records.

Position-Specific Background Checks

Climbing Wall Facility Staff and Manager

Smith College will conduct a CORI check on all individuals 18 years or older who are currently employed or seeking employment as a climbing wall facility manager or climbing wall facility staff. This check is in addition to any other background checks new employees are required to have under this policy.

Center for Early Childhood Education and Smith College Campus School Employees

Massachusetts state law requires a fingerprint-based state and national criminal record check (SAFIS) for all school employees. This check is in addition to any other background checks new employees are required to have under this policy.