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Jury Duty Leave

Section 509

The college recognizes the civic responsibility of employees to serve on juries. If you are called for jury duty, you will be paid your regular wages for the first three days of jury service. On the fourth day and thereafter, each trial juror receives jury duty pay from the Commonwealth of Massachusetts.

Regular and Limited-Term Employees

If you are employed in a regular or limited-term position of half time or more, you are eligible for supplemental jury duty pay in addition to the three days of pay required under Massachusetts law. If you work half time or more but less than full time, you will be reimbursed for regular work hours missed during jury service for up to 10 work days per year. Continued reimbursement for long-term jury duty leave will be reviewed on a case-by-case basis.

Upon completion of the service, you should submit to the Office of Human Resources the court-issued statement verifying the dates and times of your appearance or service and the amount of any jury duty pay received.

Temporary Employees

If you work less than half time or hold a temporary position, you will be paid for your usual number of hours for the first three days of jury duty, provided that the hours you would have worked can be determined based on the average of your previous three months of employment at the college. On the fourth day and thereafter, you retain the jury duty pay received from the Commonwealth.

General Procedures

If you are called for jury duty and will miss work, you should notify your supervisor and send a copy of the selection notice to the Office of Human Resources as soon as possible.

Jury duty may be postponed where significant inconvenience to the department may occur.  If a work-related postponement is deemed necessary, you or your supervisor should alert the Office of Human Resources as soon as you receive the selection notice and you will be assisted in requesting a postponement.

Under the one-day/one-trial system, jurors are often dismissed early in the day. If you are required to attend court for less than a full day, you are expected to return to work to complete the remainder of your regular schedule. 

Effect of Jury Duty on Other Paid Time and Benefits

While serving on jury duty leave, you continue to earn personal time, vacation, and sick leave at your normal rate. Benefits remain in effect.

If you are required to perform jury duty during a college holiday or a previously scheduled vacation, you may arrange with your supervisor or department head to take an alternative day off with pay on a mutually convenient day within 30 days of the holiday, or to reschedule your vacation.

Supplemental jury duty pay is granted during paid leaves of up to 10 work days; it is not granted during paid leaves of more than 10 days and during unpaid leaves.