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Orientation & Review Period

Section 203

There is an orientation and review period of six months of time worked for exempt/administrative staff and three months of time worked for non-exempt/administrative support staff who are newly hired or who are transferring into a new position. This period is a time for you to learn new responsibilities and for your supervisor to evaluate your progress in meeting performance standards. During this time your supervisor will provide you with an explanation of your job duties and acquaint you with departmental procedures. You should ask questions to ensure that you understand fully what is expected of you.

The orientation and review period is a chance for you to see if this role is the right one for you while giving your supervisor the ability to assess your initial performance against the job expectations.   Typically,  you are not eligible to apply for a transfer or another job until you have completed one year in your current position. The college may terminate an employee during the orientation and review period without notice, or may terminate an employee after completion of the orientation and review period with two weeks of notice or pay in lieu of notice.