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Employee Separation

As a manager, you have primary responsibility for insuring that all the separation steps outlined below are taken when an employee is leaving Smith. Be sure to check with Human Resources immediately, as there may be additional procedures required for your functional area.

When An Employee Leaves the College

There are a number of actions you may need to take when an employee is leaving the college:

  1. Notify human resources immediately so the separation process may begin and payroll can be notified
  2. If the separation is voluntary, ask the employee for a letter of resignation which is sent to human resources
  3. Send an email to the OneCard office, stating effective date of separation
  4. Collect OneCard and return to OneCard office
  5. Collect all keys, college property (cell phones, smart phones, laptops, etc.)
  6. Remind the employee that no personal days may be taken during the last two weeks of employment
  7. Remind the employee to review his or her benefits upon separation, including COBRA rights

Human resources will email the controller, budget, payroll offices and ITS to terminate the employee's college accounts, email, voicemail, phone accounts and employment information.

Benefits Eligibility

For questions the employee may have about unemployment insurance benefits or the impact of their resignation/termination of employment upon benefits, please refer the employee to human resources.