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Leaving Smith

Leaving a place of employment and moving on to new opportunities can be a challenging decision. We want you to know how much we appreciate the contributions you have made to the college during your time here. As you embark on a new chapter, we extend our best wishes and support.

To assist you in this transition, we have compiled helpful information that will ensure a smooth journey as you prepare for the next phase of your career.

Preparing to Leave the College

There are a number of actions you may need to take as you prepare to leaving the college:

Provide Formal Resignation: Submit a written resignation letter to your immediate supervisor and HR Partner, stating your intention to leave the college. 

Return of Company Property: Ensure to return all college-owned assets, such as laptops, keys, access cards, documents, and other equipment.

Handover of Responsibilities: Work with your manager to transfer your ongoing tasks, projects, and responsibilities to other team members to ensure continuity.

Transfer Knowledge:  Share any critical knowledge or expertise with their colleagues to facilitate a smooth transition.


Inform Team and Colleagues: Communicate to your team, and colleagues that you will be leaving the college and who will be covering your work in the near-term.

Review Benefit Information: Review information about benefits coverage, vacation payout, etc. so you know what to expect.

Your Contact Information:  Before your last day of work please remember to update information about yourself in Workday, including any changes to your name, home address, email addresses or phone numbers.

Following these steps will help ensure an organized and timely off-boarding process.

Benefit Information

Your college-provided health insurance coverage will end on the last day of your employment.  Depending on your circumstances, below is information on alternative coverage options.

COBRA Coverage

The Consolidated Omnibus Budget Reconciliation Act of 1985, otherwise known as COBRA,is a law that allows employees to temporarily continue (for up to 18 months) their current health, dental, vision, Employee Assistance Program (EAP) and Flexible Spending Account elections when their employment ends. 

COBRA enrollment materials, including instructions and pricing details, will be mailed to your address on record by the College’s COBRA Administrator.  While generally enrollment materials arrive via mail shortly after your last day of employment, if you elect COBRA coverage, it begins on the day after the last day of coverage through Smith College so there is no break in coverage. The cost is the full premium (employer + employee portions) plus a 2% administrative fee. 

It is your responsibility to enroll within the date specified in the enrollment materials and to pay premiums to the COBRA Administrator. In the event of nonpayment, benefits will be terminated with no option for reinstatement.

Early Retirement Option 

Employees who participate in the College’s health plans (medical, dental and/or vision) and who retire at or after age 62 and before age 65 with 10 consecutive years of service may participate in the college’s early retirement program. Through this benefit program, retirees can continue their health plan coverage for themselves and their spouses until age 65. The college contributes 50% of the employer contribution until the retiree reaches age 65.  

To apply for the ERO, employees must contact the Benefits department ( and complete a "Benefit Election Form for Early Retirees”.


Medicare advises individuals to enroll in Medicare Part A (hospitalization) three (3) months before turning age 65, even if actively employed. Because there is a premium for Medicare Part B (medical), Part D (prescription), and Medicare supplemental plans, employees often don’t enroll for these coverages until three (3) months before their group health coverage through Smith College will end. To start learning about Medicare, please visit the Medicare website.

Note: if you do not enroll by the end of the Medicare Enrollment Period that applies to your situation, the Social Security Administration may impose an ongoing premium penalty for each 12-month period that you could have had Medicare Part B but did not sign up. 

There are different Medicare Enrollment Periods for different situations. We recommend that anyone nearing retirement contact their local Social Security Administration office, or contact Social Security via the website at, and review for more information regarding applying for Medicare.

403b Retirement Plan

Workday will notify the retirement vendor(s) of your termination date shortly after your last day of work. To make arrangements regarding your retirement account, please contact the appropriate retirement vendor(s) directly. You can find the retirement vendor contact information under the Retirement section of the Benefits webpage.

  • Note, if requesting a withdrawal from your 403(b) account, the paperwork you receive from the recordkeeper(s) may include a place for a plan sponsor/plan administrator signature. You may disregard that as Smith provides electronic approvals to the retirement recordkeeper(s).
  •  Note, that if a retiree returns to active service at the College, employer contributions cannot be withdrawn from the retirement account while actively employed by Smith College. Call your retirement service provider(s) for assistance with transactions.

Group Term Life and Dependent Life Insurance

Coverage for Group Term Life and Dependent Life Insurance will end on the last day of your employment. After termination, you will receive a separate email with information about conversion options. If you are interested in converting coverage, you must notify Lincoln Financial within 30 days of your last day of work. For any questions, please contact Lincoln Financial Group at 877-321-1015.

Long Term Disability (LTD) Coverage

Coverage for Long Term Disability (LTD) will end on the last day of your employment.

Tuition Assistance

If your child is currently attending Smith College, another college, or the Smith College Campus School at the time your employment ends, any existing tuition grant will be continued for the remainder of the semester.

Second Mortgage Loans and Rental Housing

Any outstanding second mortgage loan balance must normally be repaid within 30 days of termination of employment, with the college offering brief extensions when necessary. Please contact the Controller’s Office to discuss options.  

Tenants who leave the college for any reason except retirement must vacate college housing within 30 days.  Please call (413) 542-8506 to discuss next steps.

Vacation Payout

Accrued, unused vacation at the time of separation will be paid with your final paycheck.  A list of payroll dates can be found on the payroll website. Please note that if you are eligible for a vacation or sick time payout, federal taxes will be deducted. 

Vacation and/or other paid time off may not be used to extend your termination date. Any accrued and unused vacation as of your termination date will be paid to you.

E-mail and Network Computer Accounts

Once you leave the College, your access to your Smith accounts will end 30 days after employment has ended. If you are retiring with more than 25 years of service, you will retain your Smith email account.

Direct questions regarding retention of your smith email account to the IT Service Center in Stoddard Hall 203 at 413-585-4487 or


For questions on OneCard eligibility call 413-585-4487 or send an e-mail to The OneCard office is in Stoddard Hall 203. 

Workday Account

After your termination is processed, you will no longer be able to access Workday using the Smith Portal or previously bookmarked links. Rather, you will have new Workday credentials.

To Access Workday

You will be sent two email messages when your employment termination is processed. These messages are typically sent within a day after your last day of work. These emails are sent from Workday,

  • The first email contains your new Workday username. 
  • The second email has the subject line "Your post-Smith Workday account information" and contains a new link to Workday for you to use going forward and a temporary password. Please bookmark this new link. 
  • You will use your username and password to log into Workday to access your W-2s. (If you already reset your password, use your new password instead of the temporary password in the email.) 
To Access W-2s, Payslips and Other Personal Information

From the Workday homepage, select the Pay application. Please note that W-2s are not available until late January of the following year.  For questions regarding your W2, please contact the Payroll department at

Exit Interview

Your feedback is important to Smith!  After your termination is processed, you will receive a task in Workday to complete an Exit Interview survey.  You can also use this link to access the survey at any time:  Exit Interview