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Pregnancy Accommodation

Section 104

Requesting a Pregnancy Accommodation

Staff or faculty who need a temporary change as to how, when, or where you work due to pregnancy or related conditions (childbirth, breastfeeding or pregnancy-related medical issues) may request an accommodation under this policy. Human Resources will provide written notice to all current employees of the right to be free from discrimination due to pregnancy or a condition related to pregnancy, and will provide written notice to all new employees.

Some examples of accommodations pursuant to pregnancy may include:

  • More frequent or longer breaks
  • Temporarily transferring to a less strenuous position
  • Temporarily modifying a work schedule
  • Temporarily refraining from heavy lifting more than 20 pounds
  • Temporarily relocating to a different work area
  • Assistance with manual labor
  • Expressing breast milk

Pregnancy Accommodation Request Process

  1. Meet with your supervisor, Human Resources, or the Associate Dean of Faculty to discuss your accommodation request(s) and resulting needs.
  2. Complete a Voluntary Request for Reasonable Accommodation form and have your medical care provider complete the Attending Physician's Statement and submit to Human Resources. No written documentation is required for the following: (1) more frequent restroom, food, or water breaks; (2) seating; (3) limits on lifting more than 20 pounds; and (4) private, non-bathroom space for expressing milk.
  3. Submit appropriate and current medical documentation or other documentation from a healthcare professional qualified to make an assessment of your condition to Human Resources. Additional documentation may be needed if there is an ongoing need for the accommodation.
  4. If a disability exists, Human Resources will gather additional information, as needed, to determine if the accommodation requested is reasonable. Human Resources or the Associate Dean of Faculty will communicate the results of the inquiry to you.
  5. If an accommodation is determined reasonable and necessary, Human Resources or the Associate Dean of Faculty will approve the requested accommodation or an equally effective alternative. Human Resources or the Associate Dean of Faculty will work with the requesting employee’s supervisor or chair to facilitate the accommodation when appropriate. Reasonable accommodation does not negate requirements for good job performance or adherence to generally applicable standards of productivity or conduct.
  6. In the event there is a dispute concerning the disposition of the requested accommodation, you may appeal the decision to the Associate VP of Human Resources or to VP for Equity and Inclusion or to the Director of Equal Opportunity and Compliance.
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