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Section 109

Solicitation, canvassing, and leafleting on college premises are limited in accordance with the guidelines outlined below. The policy is not intended to infringe on the rights of members of the college as individuals to freely express and exchange views and to associate with others. Rather, the policy is intended to ensure the continuity of college work and operations; to avoid the misuse of college facilities or resources in ways which would impair its nonprofit, nonsectarian, independent, and nonpolitical status; and to preserve both the fact and the appearance of the college's impartiality. See also the college's Political & Campaign Activities Policy on the College Council of Community Policy website.


Non-college individuals, groups, or organizations are not permitted to engage in solicitation of any kind, nor may they distribute written material of any kind on college property, except as provided for in official contractual or purchase order arrangements or as explicitly authorized by the Controller at 413-585-2200 or the Student Affairs Office at 413-585-4940.


College employees may not engage in solicitation or canvassing of any kind, including solicitation for membership or subscriptions, during working time. In addition, employees may not distribute leaflets or written materials of any kind during working time or at any time in work areas, or in areas where distribution of such materials disrupts services. Working time means the time employees are actually engaged in work and does not include authorized meal time or break time.

Employees may not use their college positions or the college's facilities, letterhead, communications media (including campus or electronic mail), or other resources for purposes of political or other solicitation or canvassing.

The President may provide an exception to permit the use of college staff time and resources for canvassing for contributions, and the use of voluntary payroll withholding, to collect for charitable, educational, or related programs (standing approval has been given for United Way and Service Organizations of Smith), or for programs directly sponsored by the college.

Please also see the Smith Code of Conduct (Lobbying) and the Electronic Mail Policy for more information.