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Performance Reviews

The performance review process is an opportunity for employees and managers to have an open and honest dialogue about the employee's performance for the past year and to set goals for the coming year. Working together, managers and employees can clarify expectations for one another to keep their department productive and effective. While discussions should be ongoing throughout the year, the annual review is an opportunity to document the achievements and development opportunities for each employee. Think of it as a tool to support the partnership between a manager and the team.

Annual Performance Review Cycle

Goal Setting July through September
Mid–Cycle Check–in November through January
Performance Review April through May
Merit Pay Communication June

Below is the information that you need to begin the planning and review process.

The current Annual Performance Review Cycle will cover the period April 1 to March 31.

By September 30th Managers meet with employees to establish goals
By January 31st Managers  meet with employees to conduct mid-cycle check–in
By April 1st Managers request Optional Self–Evaluation (Appendix F), and Optional Customer Input Tool (Appendix H)
April 1st through May 15th Managers meet with employees and conduct performance reviews
No later than May  31st Managers submit their reviews by email to and CC: their department heads