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News & Policy Updates

For Retirement Plan Participants with Assets in TIAA Plan #104647

The transfer of TIAA Plan #104647 mutual fund assets to Voya has been rescheduled and will take place in a few weeks. Below are the contents of the mailing that was sent out on September 7, 2018 to TIAA Plan #104647 participants who have mutual fund assets that will be transferred, as well as to those who will only be affected by the blackout period while the transfer is underway.

Arrivals, Departures & Transfers

The Office of Human Resources produces a monthly arrivals and departures list for the Smith community. Each month's list will be announced via eDigest.

Health Plan Coverage for Out-of-Area Dependents

A dependent under the age of 26, who is living outside of the network area must be registered with Harvard Pilgrim prior to visiting out-of-area providers. You may call the Member Services Department to register at 888-333-4742.

HR Update

The latest issue of the HR Update has information about health plan choices during Open Enrollment for 2019.

Be Wise About Your Prescription Costs

Find out some questions you should be asking your doctor, how to look up what tier your drug is included in, how much your prescription will cost, and whether there is a lower-cost alternative. Also find out how to save on maintenance medications through the mail order service.

Understanding Your After-Hours Care Options

Harvard Pilgrim members have several options for seeking care when their primary care doctor is not available. Find out when to consider each option, how the cost of each type of care compares, and where these services are available locally.

New Position Justification Process

As part of the effort to balance the FY18 operating budget and work toward long-term financial sustainability, a new FTE justification process has been enacted by the President's Cabinet. All position replacements or new hires now require a justification form to be completed prior to submitting the position to HireTouch. This new process is not applicable to casual, agency temporary or student workers.

Changes to College-Age-Dependent Tuition Benefit

Smith has modified the college-age-dependent tuition grant program.