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Recruitment & Hiring

Human resources provides recruitment and related services to hiring managers in order to attract, hire and retain the best qualified candidates. It is our goal to work collaboratively with hiring managers and staff search committees to attract a diverse pool of applicants during the selection and hiring process. We are also available to provide guidance and support to employees seeking career development assistance.

Diversity Outreach

Smith College is committed to equal opportunity, diversity and a climate of inclusion. We have a list of recruitment sources and organizations that will help you to diversify your applicant pool and familiarize you with services for people of color, women and people with disabilities.

Steps for Staff Recruitment & Hiring

The hiring process begins when a position becomes vacant or a new position is created. The steps below should be followed sequentially. For questions on the hiring process, please contact your Recruiting Specialist at

Position Management Process

Position Management at Smith is a process by which college leadership monitors FTE growth and headcounts, ensuring the workforce is appropriately balanced and focused on achieving the mission and strategy of the college. The college has implemented a systematic approach to position management requests allowing for consistent, fair and equitable responses to how requests are identified, evaluated, and approved. All positions are reviewed monthly by human resources and the budget office. Please work with your HR partner to discuss specifics of your workforce. More information including the new Position Management form can be found on the POSITION MANAGEMENT tab. 


Posting Exceptions/Waivers

There are times when a department would like to waive a posting period for internal candidates or waive a job search. Both instances are an exception to general policy and special handling and approvals are needed.

Requesting a Posting Exception

The hiring manager needs to contact human resources to discuss petitioning for an internal posting exception. If granted, a waiver of the five-day internal posting period will result in concurrent internal and external posting periods.

Requesting a Posting Waiver

The hiring manager needs to contact the Office of Institutional Diversity and Equity to discuss petitioning for a posting waiver of the search process. A posting waiver exempts the job opening from normal posting requirements. If the Office of Institutional Diversity and Equity approves the request, the job is not posted or advertised, and an immediate hire is allowed. If the waiver is denied, the hiring manager can petition human resources to waive the five-day posting period. If the waiver is approved, the hiring manager forwards the approved waiver to human resources to initiate the job offer.