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Staff Recognition

Spotlight Awards

We are pleased to have the Spotlight Awards as a means of acknowledging and demonstrating timely appreciation and recognition for the exceptional contributions of individuals at Smith that go beyond the everyday scope of their responsibilities.

All employees, managers and supervisors are encouraged to nominate staff colleagues, inside or outside of their departments, by submitting a Spotlight Award Nomination Form.

The Spotlight Awards cycle runs from April 1 to March 31. Senior administrators will receive nominations for staff working in their areas and select Spotlight Award recipients.

Spotlight Awards have a pretaxed value of $150 and are included in the recipient's paycheck usually within two weeks of receiving recognition. Recipients also receive a Spotlight Award Certificate from their supervisor or department head. Periodically, we feature Spotlight Award recipients on our website.

Each spring human resources hosts a celebratory reception for the entire community to gather and congratulate all of the Spotlight Award recipients for the year. Recipients are eligible to participate in a special grand-prize drawing.

Maria Aguilar, Dining Services
Nominated by Pat Mahar

Lea Ahlen, Social Sciences
Nominated by Sidonia Dalby

Iris Alicea, Human Resources
Nominated by Tina Benoit

Marc Anderson, Chemistry
Nominated by Margaret Lamb

Lars Asbornsen, College Relations
Nominated by Juliet Hansen

Joanne Benkley, Center for the Environment
Nominated by Chrissie Bell

Molly Bouffard, Development
Nominated by Maria Held

Danielle Brown, Development
Nominated by Sidonia Dalby

Kiara Brown, Student Affairs
Nominated by: Becky Shaw

Jennifer Burwell, Registrar's Office
Nominated by Lea Ahlen and Dawn Fulton

Jo Cannon, ITS
Nominated by Rhonda Davis & Sam Masinter

Matthew Cook, Dining Services
Nominated by Patty Hentz

Sidonia Dalby, Admission
Nominated by Danielle Brown

Jaz (Kirstin) Dand, Music
Nominated by Linda Shaughnessy

Ashavan Doyon, Student Affairs
Nominated by Becky Shaw

Anita Durfer, Dining Services
Nominated by Cathy Glazier

Yasmin Eisenhauer, Information Technology Services
Nominated by Katherine Rowe

Patrick Fenton, Executive Education
Nominated by Iris Newalu

Kate Fyhr, Development
Nominated by Beth Raffeld and Sandra Doucett

Diane Garvey, Development
Nominated by Regina Tracy

Donna Gingras, Office of Student Engagement
Nominated by Kathy San Antonio and Merrilyn Lewis

Elizabeth Hait, Kahn Institute
Nominated by Rosetta Cohen

James Hume, Art Department
Nominated by Lynne Yamamoto

Kaja Katamay, ITS
Nominated by Becky Shaw

Deborah Keisch, ITS
Nominated by Tom Laughner

Carol Kelly, Dining Services
Nominated by Anne Stolarik

Meg Kennedy-Nelson, Dining Services
Nominated by Patty Hentz

Kate Lee, ITS
Nominated by Tom Laughner

Tammy Lockett, ITS
Nominated by Tom Laughner

Adam Lueb, Dining Services
Nominated by Patrick Diggins

RuthAnn McCloud, VP/Finance & Administration
Nominated by Larry Hunt

Lori McFarland, Dining Services
Nominated by Pat Mahar

Heather McQueen, Clark Science Center Administration
Nominated by Margaret Lamb

Judith McWilliams, Center for Early Childhood Education
Nominated by Dawn Fulton

Lyn Minnich, Social Sciences
Nominated by Richard Lim

Sheri Lyn Peabody, Botanic Garden
Nominated by Sidonia Dalby

Jennifer Rajchel, Libraries - Special Collections
Nominated by Tom Laughner

Jennifer Roberts, English Language & Literature
Nominated by Sabina Knight and Cornelia Pearsall

Scott Rubeck, Dining Services
Nominated by Andy Cox

Stephanie Seldin, Center for Early Childhood Education
Nominated by Dawn Fulton

Lisa Seymour, Dining Services
Nominated by Andy Cox

Rachel Siegel, Interdisciplinary Studies
Nominated by Elisabeth Armstrong

Karen Sise, Registrar's Office
Nominated by Sara McGuire and Merrilyn Lewis

Stephanie Sullivan, Museum of Art
Nominated by Ann Mayo

Nora Sweeney, Center for Early Childhood Education
Nominated by Dawn Fulton

Karen Swiecanski, Clark Science Center Administration
Nominated by Margaret Lamb

Kathy Tobin, Development
Nominated by Regina Tracy

Elaine Zach, Dining Services
Nominated by Kim Osborne

Years of Service Luncheon

Smith College recognizes and honors employees who have reached certain service milestones. Awards are presented to employees in recognition for years of service beginning at 10 years and every five-year milestone through 35 years and beyond. In the fall, a special luncheon is held in their honor.

Congratulations to all staff being honored for their years of service to Smith College. It is impossible to over-emphasize the valuable role that employees play in helping Smith achieve its strategic priorities and carry out its mission. The college's excellence is attributable in large measure to the long and outstanding service of many of its employees. Thank you for the many contributions and efforts you have made throughout your years at Smith.

Larry Hunt, Associate Vice President for Human Resources

After addressing the honorees, the president presents 25-year pins to staff reaching their 25th year of service with the college, thereby inducting them into the Twenty-Five Year Club.

All honorees are presented with a certificate signed by the president of Smith College.

2016 Honorees

Martin Bimbane, Information Technology Services

David Dempsey, Museum of Art

Chester Monska, Facilities Management

Linda Muehlig, Museum of Art

Timothy Bruso, Facilities Management

Stephen Campbell, Facilities Management

Sidonia Dalby, Admission

Brett McGuinness, Facilities Management

Janice Szymaszek, Campus School

John Kaikowski, Facilities Management

David Alexander, Facilities Management

Esther Boyer, Libraries - Neilson

Robert Chartier, Facilities Management

Patrick Diggins, Dining Services

Maida Goodwin, Libraries - Special Collection

Scott Grabowski, Facilities Management

Christine Hill, Development

Joan Hornbuckle, Theatre

Anne-Marie LaFosse, Development

Patricia Mahar, Dining Services

Lou Anne Mathers, Dining Services

Joseph McNeish, Dining Services

Briane Pichette, Facilities Management

Jeffrey Rankin, Botanic Garden

Irene Rodriguez-Martin, School for Social Work

Stephen Sojkowski, Botanic Garden

Steven Stander, Information Technology Services

Anne Stolarik, Dining Services

Mark Swanson, President's House

Judith Fountain, Women & Financial Independence

Clarence Joseph, Facilities Management

Donna Kortes, Clark Science Center Administration

Stephen Kzcowski, Facilities Management

Pamela McCarthy, Counseling Services

Lynette Minnich, Social Sciences

Christina Ryan, Libraries - Neilson

Stanley Sawicki, Facilities Management

Patricia Thornton, Development

Michael Trombley, Facilities Management

Susan Bauhan, Executive Education

Daniel Bridgman, Information Technology Services

Robert Dombkowski, Facilities Management

Jan Ebbets, College Relations

Kevin Forrestall, Facilities Management

Geary Gravel, Disability Services

Lou Ann Krawczynski, Development

Eric Loehr, Libraries - Neilson

Barbara Polowy, Libraries - Hillyer Art

Marjorie Postal, School for Social Work

Lesley Smith, Campus School

Doreen Underdue, School for Social Work

Eric Weld, Kahn Institute

C. Susan Zachary, Dean of the College Office

Madelaine Zadik, Botanic Garden

Tina Zaengle, Dean of the College Office

Marlene Znoy, Libraries - Neilson

Donald Andrew, Class Deans Office

Tamra Bates, Office of Student Engagement

Tina Benoit, Human Resources

Jon Caris, Environmental Science & Policy

Tan Chan, Facilities Management

Debra Coutu, Athletics

John Crowley, Information Technology Services

Matthew Durrand, Libraries - Hillyer Art

Martha Ebner, Museum of Art

Gayle Fitzgerald, Facilities Management

Maria Held, Development

Valerie Hooper, School for Social Work

Brenda Jameson, Career Development

Cathleen Klaes, Student Financial Services

James Littles, Facilities Management

Laurie Magee, Center for Early Childhood Education

Patricia Mailer, Libraries - Neilson

Katherine Malone, Dining Services

Virginia Mayer, Dining Services

Roberta Murphy, Campus School

Iris Newalu, Executive Education

Melissa Nichols, Facilities Management

Margaret Rakas, Clark Science Center Administration

Joanne Satkowski, Admission

Mark Smith-Bove, Center for Early Childhood Education

Kelli Steele, Athletics

Kathleen Tobin, Development

Hope Watroba, Facilities Management

Gary Wickland, Dining Services

Timothy Albin, Dining Services

Jessica Bacal, Center for Work & Life

Jason Bauer-Clapp, Career Development

Reid Bertone-Johnson, Landscape Studies

Tobias Davis, School for Social Work

Susan Froehlich, Engineering

Daryl Gehman, Career Development

Tanya Griswold, Health Services

Lisa Haarlander, Center for Early Childhood Education

Ann Howell, Dining Services

Lawrence Hunt, Human Resources

Lee Jodoin, Facilities Management

Raj Kumar, Dining Services

Thomas Laughner, Information Technology Services

Louise Martindell, Museum of Art

Sara McGuire, Office of Student Engagement

Heather McQueen, Clark Science Center Administration

Martha Murphy, Center for Early Childhood Education

Julianne Ohotnicky, Student Affairs

Paula Pawloski, Facilities Management

Catherine Rowen, Institutional Research/Educational Assessment

Samuel Samuels, Development

Jennifer Silver, Human Resources

Gail Thomas, Jacobson Center

Julie Tocio, Dining Services

Richard Turschman, Museum of Art

David Wiggall, Theatre

25-Year Club

The 25-Year Club was established in 1958 by Grace Asserson, the college's employment manager, as a means of recognizing and expressing the college's appreciation to those staff members—retired and still employed—who had completed 25 or more years of service. Grace retired in 1971 after 30 years of service; she passed away in 1983.

Although we now formally recognize employees with fewer than 25 years of service, this club has a special significance for employees simply by its uniqueness and by the number of years required for membership.

The symbol of club membership is a gold pin that is a replica of the Grécourt Gates (in front of College Hall), with a diamond in the center of the pin. Formal recognition and club membership is accomplished at the Years of Service Awards, held each October.

Regardless of your period of association with Smith, just being among such friends and colleagues of so many years is an exciting and heartwarming experience.

2012 Ceremony