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Staff Recognition

Spotlight Awards

We are pleased to have the Spotlight Awards as a means of acknowledging and demonstrating timely appreciation and recognition for the exceptional contributions of individuals at Smith that go beyond the everyday scope of their responsibilities.

All employees, managers and supervisors are encouraged to nominate staff colleagues, inside or outside of their departments, by submitting a Spotlight Award Nomination Form.

Spotlight Award Nomination Form

The Spotlight Awards cycle runs from September 1 to March 31. Larry Hunt, VP for Human Resources will approve all Spotlight Awards.

Spotlight Awards have a pretaxed value of $200 and are included in the recipient's paycheck usually within the next payperiod of receiving recognition.

Supervisors will give recipients their letters and their names will be featured on the Spotlight Award webpage along with who nominated them.

Each spring human resources hosts a celebratory Spotlight Awards Reception for the honorees to include the entire community to gather and congratulate all of the Spotlight Award recipients for the year. Recipients are eligible to participate in a special grand-prize drawing.

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Betsy Adams, Administrative Assistant for Development
(nominated by Betsy Carpenter)

Kim Alston, Program Coordinator for Religious & Spiritual Life
(nominated by Matilda Cantwell)

Amy Avard, Administrative Assistant at Clark Science Center
(nominated by Renee Halloran)

Joseph Bacal, Applications Administrator for ITS
(nominated by Sharyn Zuffelato, Melissa Henry & Laura Ramos)

Mary Barr, Manager of Retail & Catering for Dining Services
(nominated by Chrissie Bell)

John Berryhill, Landscape Curator for Botanic Gardens
(nominated by Sheri Peabody)

Sika Berger, User Experience Librarian for the Libraries
(nominated by Elisa Lanzi)

Cheri Buckhout, Staff Accountant for the Controller’s Office
(nominated by Matt Motyka)

Nichole Calero, Administrative Assistant for Young Library
(nominated by Danny Hescock)

Steve Campbell, Assistant Director/Events Operations for College Relations
(nominated by Merrilyn Lewis & Judy Roberge)

Timothy Cary, Systems Administrator for ITS
(nominated by John Crowley)

Tristian Chambers, Digital Library Application Administrator for Young Library
(nominated by Elisa Lanzi)

Kayla Cheneba, Research & Program Assistant at Institutional Research/Education Assessment
(nominated by Julia Keller)

Carole Congleton, Administrative Assistant for Class Deans Office
(nominated by Jane Stangl)

Matt Cook, Area Manager & Communication Coordinator for Dining Services
(nominated by Hannah Durrant)

Terry Corrigan, Kitchen Assistant for Dining Services
(nominated by Jamie Pfisterer)

Katherine Curtis, Event Coordinator for Music
(nominated by Paula Pawloski)

Lisa DeCarolis-Osepowicz, Circulation Coordinator for the Libraries
(nominated by Reese Julian)

Madeleine DelVicario, Program Coordinator, at Alumnae Relations
(nominated by Colleen DelVecchio)

Jonelle Dennis, Alumnae House Coordinator for Alumnae Relations
(nominated by Kate Fyhr)

Deborah Diemente, Collections Manager/Registrar at Fine Arts Center
(nominated by Ann Mayo)

Jo Ann DiLorenzo, Co-Coordinator Urban Education & Director of Project Coach for the Jandon Center
(nominated by Denys Candy)

Louanne Dodge, Systems Analyst for Student Financial Services
(nominated by Barbara Pliska)

Pamela Dods, Reception Office Assistant for Botanic Gardenst
(nominated by Sheri Lyn Peabody)

Maria Douglas, Event Support Technologist at ITS
(nominated by Kathy Gauger)

Ashavan Doyon Administrative Assistant for Communications, for College Relations
(nominated by Merrilyn Lewis & Judy Roberge)

Sarah Duey, Administrative Assistant for School for Social Work
(nominated by Tobias Davis & Valerie Hooper)

Sean Dunn, Chef for Dining Services
(nominated by Rick Rubin)

Timothy Enman, Advancement Systems Analyst for Development
(nominated by Danielle Brown)

Jodi Fallon, Assistant Director for Milestone Reunions for Development
(nominated by Betsy Carpenter)

Cristina Fox, Secretary/Receptionist for Health Services
(nominated by Julianne Ohotnicky)

Susan Froehlich, Lab Supervisor for Engineering
(nominated by Martin Green)

Kerry-Beth Garvey, Associate Director for Medical Services at Health Services
(nominated by Julianne Ohotnicky)

Patricia Gaspar, Program Assistant for Development
(nominated by Kathy Tobin & Betsy Adams)

Kate Gola, Budget Director for VP/Finance & Administration
(nominated by Matt Motyka)

Maya Gounard, Advancement Data Assistant for Development
(nominated by Maureen Trafford)

Tanya Griswold, Nurse for Health Services
(nominated by Pamela McCarthy)

Nathan Hammond, Student Program & Support Coordinator for Global Studies
(nominated by Patricia DiBartolo)

Serena Harris, HR Specialist/Affirmative Action Officer for Human Resources
(nominated by Ann Mayo)

Danny Hescock, Administrative Assistant for the Libraries
(nominated by Susan Fliss)

Marti Hobbes, News Coordinator for College Relations
(nominated by Sherry Wingfield)

Charlene Imes, Office Manager/Administrator Coordinator for Career Development
(nominated by Emily Beaudry)

Linda Jacque, Payroll & Disbursement Associate for the Controller’s Office
(nominated by Jessica Flynn)

Leslie Jaffe, College Physician for Health Services
(nominated by Julianne Ohotnicky)

Kim Jurado, Administrative Assistant at the President’s Office
(nominated by Amy Wehle)

Kaja Katamay, Application Systems Analyst at ITS
(nominated by Barbara Pliska)

Colleen Keenan, Client Systems Engineer for ITS
(nominated by Kirsten Ritter)

Carol Kelly, Campus Center Catering Cook for Dining Services
(nominated by James Burbidge)

Patricia Krusko, Web & Systems Developer at Admission
(nominated by Karen Kristof)

Rosiane LaRose, Associate Controller for the Controller’s Office
(nominated by Matt Motyka)

Tammy Lockett, Online Instructional Designer at ITS
(nominated by Brendan O’Connell)

Louise Martindell, Membership & Donor Coordinator, for the Museum of Art
(nominated by Ann Mayo)

Janice McDowell, Advancement Data Assistant for Development
(nominated by Maureen Trafford)

Lyn Minnich, Administrative Assistant for Social Sciences
(nominated by Richard Lim)

Kristin Morse, Program Assistant for Engineering
(nominated by Andrew Guswa)

Jacquelyn Murphy-Henderson, Supervisor of Residential Operations for Facilities Management
(nominated by Rhonda Davis)

Brenda Olinski, Registrar Systems Analyst for the Registrar’s Office
(nominated by Susan Peterson)

Janelle Olsen, Program Coordinator at Center for Work & Life
(nominated by Jessica Bacal)

Allison Page, Libraries Redesign Project Manager for the Libraries
(nominated by Susan Fliss)

Sheri Lyn Peabody, Business Operations Coordinator at the Botanic Gardens
(nominated by Madelaine Zadik)

Eva Peters, Administrative Assistant for Health Services
(nominated by Julianne Ohotnicky)

Marie Petrie, Campus Center Cook Assistant for Dining Services
(nominated by Chrissie Bell)

Shuana Pevato, Administrative Coordinator for Health Services
(nominated by Meg Laird)

Peg Pitzer, Director Events Management for College Relations
(nominated by Merrilyn Lewis)

Maria Rao, Circulation Associate for the Libraries
(nominated by Reese Julian)

Maureen Raucher, Program Coordinator for Helen Hills Hills Chapel
(nominated by Matilda Cantwell)

Karissa Raynor, Admission Assistant Director for School for Social Work
(nominated by Tobias Davis & Valerie Hooper)

Kirsten Ritter, Associate Director of ERP Services at ITS
(nominated by David Belanger)

Susan Roach, Nurse for Health Services
(nominated by Pamela McCarthy)

Kathy Robbins, Administrative Assistant at Alumnae House
(nominated by Regina Tracy)

Joanne Satkowski, Assistant to Dean/Program Assistant at Admission
(nominated by Karen Kristof)

Lisa Seymour, Cooks Assistant for Dining Services
(nominated by Rick Rubin)

Janet Spongberg, Circulation Coordinator for the Libraries
(nominated by Reese Julian)

Ashli Stempel, Business Developer & Marketing Manager at Executive Education
(nominated by Iris Newalu)

Anne Stolarik, Campus Center Cook Assistant for Dining Services
(nominated by Chrissie Bell)

Karen Swiecanski, Director of Animal Care Facility for the Clark Science Center
(nominated Thomas Richardson)

Tracy Tien, PostBac Spatial Analysis Fellow at Environmental Science & Policy
(nominated by Jon Caris)

Dominique Tremblay, Circulation Associate for the Libraries
(nominated by Reese Julian)

Kate Wallen, Assistant Director of Grants Administrator for VP/Finance & Administration
(nominated by Denise Lello)

Joy Williamson, Office Coordinator at Alumnae Relations
(nominated by Matt Motyka)

Megan Young, Web Developer & Design Specialist for College Relations
(nominated by Jane Majkiewicz)

Tina Young, Operations Manager for Student Financial Services
(nominated by Barbara Pliska)

Amy Yvon, Administrative Assistant for the President’s Office
(nominated by Ellen Wall)

Madelaine Zadik, Manager Education & Outreach for the Botanic Gardens
(nominated by Sheri Peabody)

Amanda Zajac, Staff Accountant for the Controller’s Office
(nominated by Jessica Flynn)

Heather Zottoli, Advancement Data Coordinator for Development
(nominated by Anne-Marie LaFosse)

Years of Service Luncheon

Smith College recognizes and honors employees who have reached certain service milestones. Awards are presented to employees in recognition for years of service beginning at 10 years and every five-year milestone through 35 years and beyond. In the fall, a special luncheon is held in their honor.

Congratulations to all staff being honored for their years of service to Smith College. It is impossible to over-emphasize the valuable role that employees play in helping Smith achieve its strategic priorities and carry out its mission. The college's excellence is attributable in large measure to the long and outstanding service of many of its employees. Thank you for the many contributions and efforts you have made throughout your years at Smith.

Larry Hunt, Associate Vice President for Human Resources

After addressing the honorees, the president presents 25-year pins to staff reaching their 25th year of service with the college, thereby inducting them into the Twenty-Five Year Club.

All honorees are presented with a certificate signed by the president of Smith College.

Joseph M. Bialek, Libraries - Neilson

Chester C. Cichaski, Facilities Management

David E. Osepowicz, Afro-American Studies

Mary L. Bouley, Libraries - Neilson

Glenn D. Delisle, Dining Services - Hubbard

James B. Dilts, Dining Services - Cushing

Donna M. Ewell, Facilities Management

Michelle G. Finley, Foreign Languages

David Perez, Facilities Management

Frances R. Vilbon, Dining Services - Cushing

Tina L. Atkinson, Dining Services - Chase

Gina M. Bendinelli, Dining Services - Chase

Beverly A. Bernier, Facilities Management

Michael Bushey, Facilities Management

Jo A. Carino, Campus School

Theresa E. Collins, Athletics

Janice Henderson, Campus School

Charlene A. Imes, Career Development

Margaret R. Kennedy-Nelson, Dining Services - Gillett

Jennie L. Miller, Dining Services

Lou Anne Mathers, Facilities Management

Diana I. Nazario, Facilities Management

Wayne S. Nelson Jr., Facilities Management

M. Terese O'Brien, Facilities Management

Pamela A. Skinner, Libraries - Neilson

Marek Szocik, Dining Services - Gillett

Carla M. Coffey, Athletics

Diane L. Garvey, Development

Laura L. Hinton, Facilities Management

Marti Hobbes, College Relations

Margaret R. Jessup, Libraries - Special Collection

Meg B. Laird, Counseling Services

Janice D. McDowell, Development

Kathryn G. Messier, Admission

Kong M. Ben, Facilities Management

John M. Berryhill, Botanic Garden

Diana S. Cleveland, Admission

Geraldine F. Dupre, Dining Services - Campus Ctr

Thomas N. Gingras, Facilities Management

Gina M. Hicks, Dining Services - Chase

Eric J. Jensen, Clark Sci Ctr Administration

Kevin E. Kerwood, Human Resources

Cathy E. Kolosewicz, Dining Services - Ziskind

Hilary C. Mikucki, Dining Services - Cushing

Jan Morris, Student Affairs

Shawn L. O'Brien, Facilities Management

Judith W. Roberge, College Relations

Linda L. Shaughnessy, Music

Susan A. Smola, Facilities Management

Sylvia White, Information Technology Svcs

Mary Ann Brosnan, Admission

Susan M. DelMonte, Campus School

Ashavan W. Doyon, College Relations

Nancy C. Fleming, Museum of Art

Aprile Gallant, Museum of Art

Polly N. Gelfman, Student Financial Services

Kelly M. Holbert, Museum of Art

Marcia Kennick, Controller's Office

Donna M. Krupp, Development

Kate Lee, Information Technology Svcs

Nancy A. Meuse, Dining Services - King

Sharon A. Moore, Information Technology Svcs

Kristen A. Nickl, Facilities Management

Christopher R. Niemiec, Information Technology Svcs

Maria T. Petrie, Dining Services - College Club

Maureen Raucher, Religious and Spiritual Life

Donna Safford, Admission

Linda A. Sbrega, Facilities Management

Doreen D. Skorupski, Facilities Management

Jane Stangl, Class Deans Office

Thea Stark, Center for Early Childhood Edu

Jeffrey S. Baker, College Relations

Jacy R. Birdsong, Information Technology Svcs

Mairin A. Brady, Student Financial Services

Brandon Buehring, Student Affairs

Danielle D. Carr Ramdath, Provost/Dean of Faculty

Jonathan Cartledge, Art Department

Leon Chartier, Facilities Management

Rene F. Coderre, Facilities Management

Mary T. Corrigan, Dining Services - Lamont

Stephen C. Davis, Clark Science Center

Maria del Mar Farina de Parada, School for Social Work

David C. DeSwert, VP/Finance & Administration

Taiga Ermansons, Museum of Art

Jaime L. Ginsberg, Athletics

Jennifer A. Godlesky, Center for Early Childhood Edu

Saari L. Greylock, Provost/Dean of Faculty

Katherine T. Hall, Executive Education

Marjorie L. Litchford, Student Affairs

Catherine McCune, Spinelli Ctr Quantitative Lrn

Premila Nair, Health Services

Kimberly L. Osborne, Dining Services - College Club

Nils Pilotte, Biological Sciences

Maureen Pine, Admission

Susan J. Pouliot, International Study

Liane E. Ryan, Botanic Garden

Elena Volpe, Counseling Services

Laura A. Wallace, Admission

Amy M. Wehle, Development

Sherry B. Wingfield, Social Sciences

Sharyn L. Zuffelato, School for Social Work

25-Year Club

The 25-Year Club was established in 1958 by Grace Asserson, the college's employment manager, as a means of recognizing and expressing the college's appreciation to those staff members—retired and still employed—who had completed 25 or more years of service. Grace retired in 1971 after 30 years of service; she passed away in 1983.

Although we now formally recognize employees with fewer than 25 years of service, this club has a special significance for employees simply by its uniqueness and by the number of years required for membership.

The symbol of club membership is a gold pin that is a replica of the Grécourt Gates (in front of College Hall), with a diamond in the center of the pin. Formal recognition and club membership is accomplished at the Years of Service Awards, held each October.

Regardless of your period of association with Smith, just being among such friends and colleagues of so many years is an exciting and heartwarming experience.

2012 Ceremony