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Employment Policies

Section 201

As part of your welcome to Smith College, you will be invited and strongly encouraged to attend an orientation program offered by the Office of Human Resources to acquaint you with the policies, procedures and services of the college.


As a new employee you are required to submit the following forms to the Office of Human Resources:

Employment Eligibility Verification (Form I-9)

The Immigration Reform and Control Act of 1986 require that you provide documents that establish your identity and authorization to work in the United States. All individuals who accept employment at the college, regardless of their country of birth, must complete INS Form I-9 in the Office of Human Resources, generally before beginning work, but no later than the end of the third work day. A list of acceptable forms of identification is noted on the back of the INS Form I-9 and must be presented with the form. For more information, see the policy page of the Office of the Controller.

Tax Forms and Smith College Application

You must complete necessary state and federal tax forms and a Smith College Application.

Benefit Enrollment Forms

You should make an appointment with the Office of Human Resources to complete benefit enrollment forms. Enrollment forms must be submitted within 60 days of the employee's initial benefit eligibility date.

Professional Name Change Authorization

An employee's legal name must be used for tax and legal identification; however, Smith College recognizes that some employees prefer to be identified by their professional name instead of by their legal name for all other purposes. The Professional Name Change Authorization form, available from the Office of Human Resources and the Payroll Office, must be completed by the employee to authorize the change from legal name to professional name as his/her primary identity at Smith College. Employees who elect to use a professional name as their primary identity at Smith must agree to release, indemnify, and hold harmless Smith College from all claims, damages, and expenses related to or arising out of the designation of such a professional name.

A professional name is normally considered to be a name under which one publishes or conducts business, and/or by which one is known academically.

This policy is not intended to accommodate nicknames.

Smith OneCard

All employees in regular positions and employees who work half-time or more in limited-term or temporary positions are eligible to receive employee OneCards at no cost. Employees in limited-term or temporary positions who work less than half-time are not eligible for a college OneCard. Smith College OneCards for faculty and staff and their registered spouses, and dependents are issued by the OneCard Office in Stoddard Hall. For more information on the Smith College OneCard, visit the ITS website.

Employment of Minors

Smith College does not employ individuals who are under the age of sixteen. This prohibition applies to all hiring regardless of source of funds.

Summer Employment

Summer employment opportunities may be available to the dependents of employees. Please contact the Office of Human Resources to inquire about these opportunities.

Campus Parking

Parking is available for college employees in designated parking lots throughout the campus. To park in a designated lot, you must register your car and purchase a parking decal from the Department of Campus Safety. There is a small charge for the decal, which must be renewed each fiscal year.

Parking is limited to designated lots and is forbidden on campus roads and within the central campus. Unauthorized or improper parking may result in ticketing, towing, or the demobilization of your car with the "Denver boot." For more information, see Parking at Smith.

Traveling on College Business

Employees who travel on college business should consult the Smith College Travel and Entertainment Expense policy.