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Forms & Applications

Most forms and applications are now centralized on student Residence Life Self-Service pages, via the Smith Portal.

Forms Available on the Smith Portal


  • Residence Life Information Form
    Entering First-Years and Transfers, May 20-June 15 (Priority Deadline June 1)
  • Residence Life Information Form
    Entering Ada Comstock Scholars, May 20-June 15
  • Ada Comstock Change of Housing Status Form
    Current Ada Comstock Scholars, April 15-June 1
  • Post-Room Draw Change Form
    Day After Room Draw - Last Day of Spring Classes
  • House/Room Change Request Form
    Fall 2022: September 20-December 1
    Spring 2023: February 9-April 14
    More information about requesting a house or room change.
  • Room Condition Report
    All on-campus students must fill out a room condition report within 24 hours of moving into a new space. Unreported damage or missing furniture may result in charges when you move out. 
  • Roommate Contract
    All students sharing a room with another studet(s) must complete a roommate contract.

Other Forms