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Morris House

Ivy neighborhood houses are some of the oldest houses on Smith’s campus, dating from as far back as 1878. The sense of pride that comes from knowing that half of the Ivy houses are near classroom buildings, the gymnasium, the athletic fields and scenic Paradise Pond, while the other half are only a short walk from downtown Northampton. With age comes history and tradition. Porch swings and cozy living rooms make these houses a place that many students call home for their entire four years at Smith.

Area Director

Three students with backpacks walking away from the camera


Susie Hufford

Ivy Neighborhood Area Director

  • Hubbard House, ground floor
  • Email:
  • 413-585-2236
  • Email to schedule an appointment

Susie grew up in the Northern Virginia suburbs right outside of Washington, DC. Although she is new to Smith College this year, Susie is not new to the Pioneer Valley, as she graduated from Mount Holyoke College in 2013 with a bachelor’s degree in English. She attended the University of Nevada, Las Vegas to obtain her master’s degree in education in 2015, focused in higher education, where she worked in both multicultural education and academic advising as a graduate assistant. Since then, Susie has worked full-time in residence life at Kent State University in Ohio and at the University of Connecticut.

Professional Interests

A couple of my passion areas in Student Affairs are in supervising, mentoring, recruiting and selecting new student staff, as well as promoting diversity, inclusion and social justice. I also love helping people plan outside the box—encouraging wacky programs that they can get excited about. Some of my most meaningful interactions and areas of work have been working alongside house government or volunteering to assist with LGBTQ mentorship programs on various campuses. I also love being organized in general and using planners to multitask and stay efficient.

Personal Interests

Outside of work, I enjoy ice skating, horseback riding, taking walks with my dog, writing/reading, video games, astrology, tarot and memes. I also absolutely love house plants and have a ton in my office. I very much enjoy dining in Northampton and visiting all the small shops and eateries around the Pioneer Valley.

Favorite Place on Campus

So far, the statue by the Lanning Fountain and the paths around Lyman Plant House. Absolutely gorgeous! I can't wait to get to know the Smith campus better.