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Tenney House

Tenney is at the corner of Paradise Road and Elm Street, in front of the president’s house. Traditionally, it has a long waiting list, as it is the only vegetarian cooperative house on campus.

In 1937, 156 Elm became the new location for Tenney House, which had originally been located farther down the road. Mary Smith Tenney, who donated the house to Smith, organized the original house. She noted that, “It is my desire that thereby a limited number of meritorious students unable to meet the full expenses of a college education may obtain board at lower rates.” Later, Tenney House was transformed into a small vegetarian cooperative. Since the students residing in Tenney cook their own food, residents note that “everyone is a good cook by the time they leave.”

Food Cooperative

Tenney House is one of Smith's two small cooperative houses. The 14 students share in the daily cooking and cleaning of the house and kitchen. The house continues to use the traditional work wheel in which each resident participates in a variety of house duties and chores. A food coordinator is selected each year to do the weekly shopping. A financial coordinator is selected to collect house funds and pay bills. And an administrative liaison works closely with the Residence Life office. The house is famous for its yearly faculty dinner with homemade breads and special recipes.

About Tenney House

Year Built 1881
Capacity 14
Residential floors 3
Singles 12
Doubles 0
Triples 0
Approximate number sharing a bathroom 7
Accessible Yes
Elevator No

Floor Plans

Floor plans are available in Residence Life Self-Service (login required) under "Room Draw"