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Medical Services


Pelham Medical Services

Schacht Center for Health and Wellness
21 Belmont Avenue
Smith College
Northampton, MA 01063

Phone: 413-585-2800

Office Hours
9 a.m.–noon, 1–4:30 p.m., 

Appointment Desk

After-hours Answering Service

Nurses' Station

Interior of the Schacht Center lobby

The Pelham Medical Services provides comprehensive medical services to address the needs of college students. Our doctors, family nurse practitioners and registered nurses provide routine health and wellness care such as sports and travel physicals; general check-ups; clearance exams for volunteer work or internships; reproductive and sexual health exams; contraception; and related health education. We also provide problem-oriented care for sickness and injuries. Students with specific health needs may be referred to local specialists on an as-needed basis.

Important COVID-19 Information

Coronavirus Disease 2019 (COVID-19) is a virus that causes respiratory illness. Symptoms include fever, cough, congestion, runny nose, stuffy nose, difficulty breathing, severe weakness and pneumonia. For updates on Smith’s response to the COVID-19 outbreak, please visit the Coronavirus Disease 2019 (COVID-19) page.


Our Services

Cooley Dickinson Hospital Laboratory Services at the Schacht Center: Preregistration Required. 

We are pleased to offer laboratory services through Cooley Dickinson Hospital. All students must provide their medical insurance information and register with the Cooley Dickinson Hospital by calling 413-582-2800 prior to receiving any lab services. Registration includes providing your name, birthday, emergency contact, and medical insurance information. Some information, such as Social Security numbers and ethnicity, is optional and does not need to be provided.

Students with private insurance should contact their insurance company with any questions about coverage. Cooley Dickinson Hospital will submit claims directly to the student’s insurance company. Cooley Dickinson Hospital Laboratory services at the Schacht Center may not be fully covered by private insurance. Deductibles and out of network fees may apply. 

Students with the Student Health Insurance Plan should be aware that an annual deductible fee of $150 applies to any laboratory service. Students are responsible for the first $150 of laboratory service costs. 

Failure to pre-register with the Cooley Dickinson reference lab will result in the student being billed in full for laboratory services.

Reproductive Health Services and STI Testing

These services include annual Pap testing (beginning at age 21), sexually transmitted infection screening, contraception, pregnancy testing, evaluation of vaginal infections and evaluation of menstrual irregularities.

Contraceptive services: educating and prescribing: birth control pills, vaginal rings, depo provera injections and emergency contraception. Referrals for IUDs and implants.

Screening for sexually transmitted infections: CDC recommends annual chlamydia testing (which can be done by collecting a urine specimen) and HIV testing (a blood test).

Travel Vaccines and Travel Health

Studying abroad? Students must book a travel physical with our providers. Travel vaccines may be indicated. The Smith College Insurance Plan covers most travel vaccines. Students should contact their insurance provider about travel vaccine coverage before booking an appointment. Your insurance may require that travel related vaccines be provided at a special travel clinic. Most travel-related vaccines can be provided locally at CVS Minute Clinic, 366 King Street, Northampton (413-586-8315). The CDC provides comprehensive information about travel health.


Vaccines are available by appointment. Students with private insurance should contact their insurance FIRST regarding coverage. Most vaccines can also be provided at retail pharmacies. We provide all required vaccines, HPV, and many travel vaccines. The Smith College Student Health Insurance Plan covers the cost of most vaccines.

Prescription Medications

Students currently taking medications can have most prescriptions transferred to a local pharmacy. We do not prescribe Accutane; students seeking this medication are referred to local dermatology practices. We do not provide allergy shots or oral serums. Students requiring this level of allergy treatment are referred to local allergy practices. We prescribe most contraceptive methods; antibiotics; treatments for illness, infection or injury; and some psychotropic medications. The closest pharmacies to campus are:

  • Serio’s Pharmacy: 68 State Street, Northampton, 413-584-8980
  • CVS Pharmacy: 90 Main Street, Northampton, 413-584-2580

Students will need to provide insurance information to the pharmacy prior to filling prescriptions. Our medical and psychiatry providers are available by appointment to discuss medication.

HIV and STI Testing

Confidential HIV and STI testing is available at Medical Services during regular clinic hours by appointment.

Allergy Shots

The Schacht Center no longer offers allergy immunotherapy treatment, including injection or sublingual therapy, commonly referred to as allergy shots.

Acupuncture Services

Group acupuncture sessions are offered to students free of charge. Current students may sign up for an appointment; initial visits are one hour long, and follow-up visits are 45 minutes.

Referrals to Off-Campus Providers

If you wish to see an off-campus health care provider, you may request a referral. 

Students with Smith College Health Insurance should note the following stipulations in using their insurance.

College Insurance for Off-Campus Care for Medical Care (Physical)
There is a $10 co-payment for medical office visits. Tests, labs, xrays are subject to the $150 annual deductible fee.

College Insurance for Off-Campus Care for Psychotherapy/Psychiatric Services
The Smith College Health Insurance Plan covers psychotherapeutic and psychiatric services; there is no co-pay for in-network providers. We encourage you to consult with us to help you find the right provider  for your situation, since we are very familiar with the providers in the Northampton area. Referrals are not needed for off-campus mental health care (therapists or psychiatrists).

For students with private insurance: It is your responsibility to determine whether a referral is needed or an off-campus visit will be covered.

Sharing Medical Information

If you have been seen by an off-campus healthcare provider, please sign a medical release so that we can continue to provide appropriate care for you.


We respect your right to confidential, quality care. We believe that an interdisciplinary, coordinated approach delivers the optimal quality of care.

You should know that:

  • Medical and counseling records are separate from other college departments.
  • Entry of psychotropic medications prescribed by the Counseling Services is made in the medical record.
  • No medical or counseling information is shared outside of Health Services without your consent. The only exception to this would be in situations where it is mandated by law.
  • Information relevant to your care may be shared, on a need-to-know basis, among the professional medical and counseling staff of Health Services.
  • Student permission is required to share information with parents, guardians or other individuals except in emergencies.