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Prices are subject to change without notice if warranted by circumstances beyond our control.

  Student Insurance Plan Private Insurance
Medical and Counseling Service Visits No charge No charge
Vaccinations Most covered
(see prices)
Billed to student
(see prices)
Health Service Nutritionist No charge $75 per visit


Air Cast $50 $50
Crutches $25 $25
Dressing Change No charge No charge
Nebulizer Treatment No charge No charge
PPD No charge $15
Splinter Remover No charge No charge
Suture Removal No charge No charge
In-office biopsy, skin repair, incision and drainage or cryotherapy of skin lesions No charge $50


Vaccines are available by appointment. Students with private insurance should contact their insurance FIRST regarding coverage. Most vaccines can also be provided at retail pharmacies. We provide all required vaccines, HPV and many travel vaccines. The Smith College Student Health Insurance Plan covers the cost of most vaccines. The optional plan does not.

Vaccination Cost
Hepatitis A $85 each
Hepatitis B $65 each
HPV 9 (Gardasil 9) $190 each
Japanese Encephalitis $310 each
Meningitis (MACWY or MCV4) $130
Meningitis B (Bexsero) $175 each
Meningitis B (Trumenba) $140 each
MMR $70 each
Polio (IPV) $35
Rabies $350 each
TD (Tetanus & Diphtheria) $25
Tdap (Tetanus, Diphtheria & Pertussis) $50
Typhoid $110
Varicella $160 each
Yellow Fever Not available at Schacht Center