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Receive secure messages with health care providers on campus; schedule appointments for some types of visits; access forms and information.

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Health Services

Smith College Health Services provides accessible, quality medical care, mental health care and health education to Smith's diverse student population. As college health care professionals knowledgeable about developmental issues, we work with students in promoting their physical and psychological well-being. We collaborate with the larger college community, supporting students in accomplishing their educational goals.

News Alerts

Health Services is closed for the summer: Reopens September 5

If on campus this summer and in need of health care, we suggest either the Emergency Department at Cooley Dickinson Hospital or the On Call Urgent Care Center.

Zika Virus: Travel Alert

Zika virus is transmitted by mosquitoes and may cause a mild illness of fever, joint pain, rash and conjunctivitis. However, in pregnant women, the virus may lead to the devastating birth defect of microcephaly. As a response, the CDC has issued a level 2 alert for persons traveling to areas or countries where Zika transmission is ongoing.

The CDC recommends special precautions for pregnant women and women trying to become pregnant:

  • Pregnant women in any trimester should consider postponing travel to the areas where Zika virus transmission is ongoing. Pregnant women who must travel to one of these areas should talk to their doctor or other healthcare provider first and strictly follow steps to avoid mosquito bites during the trip.
  • Women trying to become pregnant should consult with their health care provider before travelling to these areas and strictly follow steps to prevent mosquito bites during the trip.
  • Health Services advises that educational travel for pregnant students should not include areas with ongoing Zika transmission.

No Charge for Office Visits

Any student, regardless of her insurance plan, may seek medical care or counseling at Health Services for no charge. Fees may be charged for ancillary services.

How to Print your Insurance Card for College Insurance

1. Go to www.gallagherstudent.com/smith.

2. On the left toolbar, click ‘Account Home’.

3. Log in (if you haven’t already).

4. You will be redirected to the ‘Account Home’ page, then click on ‘Generate ID Card’ under ‘Coverage History’.

Important Forms

Information about these forms are on our Medical Forms page.

Online Portal for Self-Scheduling Appointments and Secure Messaging with Providers

Students can send and receive secure messages with health care providers on campus regarding confidential health information, schedule appointments for some types of visits, and access forms and information. To log on go to smith.medicatconnect.com and use your Smith network username and password.