b'On the Laundry Hall Wall Dear Anne Frank, My Age MateMy first public mural, and last, Your horrors that happened, could notwas a chalk drawing of a Japanese soldier with never ever even be imagined.glasses, buck teeth, cap, slant eyesOur imagined, impending rumors are more frightening than what occurred.Some older OgesansThe difference betweenwere sorely offended and asked me to erase it. Shit Happens I did. vs A simple childish patriotism expressed. Shit Happened.from the ovens of Europetothe magno/micro ovens of Asia.Let it neverevermore happen again.from push-button distanceor eye to eyeand with arms and armiesgathering on the plains ofARMageddonand bulldozer burials of bodyAnd blood, of gore, guts galore intosandpits of time run out!Neverevermore again!a Hellocaust!!Such is the stewardship of survivors.My friend, is this the end?with idiot winds a-blowin . . .98 99'