b'Desert Sports March 26, 1993 Alki BeachRounding up jackrabbits* Grandma T. for healthand baseballing em into the next county brought me toout into left field . . .the seashoreDo we do whats been done to us?every weekendGod forbid! before the War.Fifty two years laterof inland going* On a train from Chicago to California not one jackrabbit was seen, 1990. Ive returnedWho sez you cantP.S. Rumor has it, they are passing out chrome filled yellow plastic bats(!)go home againin Detroit, and buttonsI am not a Jap again It just takes a lifetime . . .Today I saw thesea againToday my Fujiyama my Mount RainierHome again to the yellow suddenly sunkissed seashoresands of time.Where I began.106 107'