b'FIGURE \x08\x06 Munio Makuuchi with students and colleagues from the Fine Art Department, University of Ife, ca. 197980FIGURE \x08 Munio Makuuchi, ca. 1969 FIGURE \x08\x07 Munio Makuuchi, June 29, 1975 May 17, 1975:Makuuchi graduates with anMFA from the University of Wisconsin.February 19, 1976:Executive Order 9066 is Although the organization, which had chaptersrescinded by President Gerald R. Ford.at both Berkeley and San Francisco State, was1977:Makuuchi begins teaching at Adeyemishort lived, it played a major role in the creationCollege of Education, Ondo, Nigeria. Jamie of ethnic studies departments at both schoolsMakuuchi visits his father that summer.and in raising awareness and encouraging Asian Americans to become more politically involved.1978:Makuuchi begins teaching at University of November 1968March 1969:In the longest-Ife, Ile-Ife, Nigeria. running student strike in US history, severalJuly 25, 1978:Japanese American Citizens organizations of students of color work togetherLeague (JACL) adopts resolution calling forto form the Third World Liberation Front (TWLF)redress in the form of $25,000 per former FIGURE \x08\x05 Munio Makuuchi in Nigeria, ca. 1980and protest a lack of ethnic studies programs incarceree.at San Francisco State University and otheruniversities. Asian American groups play a vitalOctober 1978:Asian Pacific American History role in the protests. Week (later extended to the entire month of May) is legally established.March 1969:TWLF signs a settlement ending the strike, resulting in the creation of the firstSummer 1979:Makuuchi and his son visitSchool of Ethnic Studies at any US university.Madrid, Spain, and Corfu, Greece. Makuuchi The school includes the first-ever department ofvisits Japan. Asian American studies. August 7, 1979:Congress creates the Commit-FIGURE \x08\x08 Munio Makuuchi, ca. 1974 tee on Wartime Relocation and Internment of January 30, 1970:John Takahashi dies.Civilians (CWRIC). The Committee is tasked with May 1972:Makuuchi leaves the University ofinvestigating the effects of Executive Order 9066.September 1968:Makuuchi begins teaching Wisconsin, Rock County. at the University of Wisconsin, Rock County,Summer 1980 and April 1982:Jamie Makuuchi Janesville, Wisconsin. August 28, 1972:Makuuchi matriculates at thevisits his father in Nigeria.1968:Asian American Political Alliance (AAPA)University of Wisconsin, Madison. Summer 1981:Makuuchi visits Andrew and FIGURE \x07\x04 Renee and Andrew Balkin with Munio founded at the University of California, Berkeley.Fall 1973:Makuuchi meets Andrew Balkin. Renee Balkin in Madison, Wisconsin. Makuuchi, 1981146 147'