b'Diamonds Are ForeverH O Shock Treatment2I use a diamond-shaped In the sun dried desert dust up to my belly button that turned to knee grid in my meditative deep springs mucky mud; yet diagonally dynamic paintingsthen to tar paper cracking winters of icicle draped roofssagging A wasteland frozen in time . . .Or was it the diamonded The murky irrigation canals and ditches I thought were rivers and creeks Wire fencing that I looked through a shit settling pond-a-lake!To the outside world fromThe missionaries* brought two bus loads of us kids to theThe Resettlement Camp Blue Lakes Country Club in the Snake River Canyon of clear blue lakes andstreams. . . . It was a heaven to hell shock!It was then that a splitzoidalChildhood disorder emerged.I went (bananas-coconuts)Hypo-hydromanic chasing crayfish and rainbows in clear cool watercressed waters.A reminder of my childhoodin the Evergreen forest of the Northwest (deserted in a desert)*Presbyterians Misses White and Armstrong.P.S. The Shinto Buddhist kids didnt get to go.P.P.S. The VA states my problems are a result of childhood disorders notfrom the brain damage received in the Armyyet wasnt internment a military action (POW)? A Catch 22 over a Cuckoos nest . . .90 91'