b'August 6 and 9, 1945:United States dropsAugust 1958:Howard is discharged from army atomic bombs on Hiroshima and Nagasaki,service.Japan.September 18, 1958:Howard enrolls at theAugust 14, 1945:Japan surrenders. University of Colorado, Boulder.October 3, 1945:Minidoka closes. December 7, 1959:Howard Munio Takahashi legally changes his name to Munio Howard March 20, 1946:Tule Lake closes, the last Makuuchi.War Relocation Authority center to close.May 1961:Makuuchi graduates from the1946:Howard and Harriet Takahashi enroll University of Colorado Boulder with a BA and at Immanuel Memorial Lutheran School in teaching certificate in secondary art.Twin Falls, Idaho. September 1961:Makuuchi enters graduate 1949:Howard enrolls at Concordia Academyprogram at University of Iowa, Iowa City, to studyFIGURE \x08\x0c Munio Makuuchi, Iowa City, August 1961High School in Portland, Oregon.printmaking with Mauricio Lasansky.1952:Passage of the Walter-McCarran ActJune 19, 1962:Munio Makuuchi marriesallows Japanese immigrants to become USEvelyn Faye James in Algona, Iowa. citizens.January 5, 1963:Jamie Makuuchi is born to 1953:Howard graduates from Concordia andEvelyn and Munio Makuuchi.enters Valparaiso University in Indiana, enrollingFIGURE \x08 Howard Takahashi, ca. 1953as a biology major. January 8, 1964:Evelyn James Makuuchi files for divorce.Summer 1954:Howard studies Research Fall 1956:Howard is drafted by the US ArmyDrawing at the School of the Art Institute ofand serves as a chaplains aide at Fort Lewis,August 5, 1964:Makuuchi graduates with anChicago. near Tacoma, Washington. MA in printmaking from the University of Iowa.1955:Howard changes his major to Psychiatric1957:Howard suffers a jeep accident that September 1965:Makuuchi enrolls in the MFA Social Work. results in a head injury. program at the University of Pennsylvania in Philadelphia.1965:The Immigration and Nationality Act of 1965 abolishes the quota system that had previously discriminated against non-European immigrants. After the act goes into effect on June 30, 1968, a major influx of immigrants from Asia results.September 22, 1966:Makuuchi withdraws from the University of Pennsylvania.FIGURE \x08\x0b Evelyn and Munio Makuuchi on their January 18February 6, 1967:Makuuchi has awedding day, June 19, 1962solo exhibition of paintings and prints at Houston Hall, University of Pennsylvania. February 8March 2, 1967:Makuuchi has asolo exhibition of paintings and prints atPaley Memorial Library, Temple University,Philadelphia. 196768:Makuuchi teaches at Area TenCommunity College, Cedar Rapids, Iowa.FIGURE \x08\x04 Howard Takahashi on his bicycle, Twin Falls, Idaho, ca. 19491968:Japanese American activist and scholarFIGURE \x08 Munio and Jamie Makuuchi, ca. 1963Yuji Ichioka coins the term Asian American.144 145'