b'Our 4th of JulyThe Golden EagleFrom the Pacific coastline of salmon rivers and Is my spirit birdthe Matsutake of Mount Rainier From the Valley of the Golden Eagleand the clear cool evergreens of watercressed trout waters in the Snake River CanyonsWe were unceremoniously tagged and numbered, near our campgroundsrounded up like horses and stabled, then With the Golden Eaglerailroaded into a hell-hot dry dust desert of sagebrush I soar from the incense smokesurroundedprotectedguarded Uplift of the tar shelters redby coyote, scorpions, black widow spiders, rattlesnakes and glowing pot-bellied stovesrabid wild dogs!!! of cold bitter wintersYet in this bleakness, it was a wonderment when Spring sprang furtherin the desert. higherEvery Spring we awaited our 4th of July: and with an explosion of flowers of freedom and independence! silent grace 94 95'