b'Quick Glib Quips Slant/ SockeyesPa sez, If there is any sickness in you itll show up in your artget rid ofThey tagged and released usem . . .after four yearsYoure not too lazy yet . . . in a USA reeducation campThey tried to drum outPa sez, You gotta knock down or skirt around the artistic giants beforethe drums of the Afro/Americansyou . . .And the Latino still speakThey all have their weaknesses . . . and eat the SpanishRemain 30 years ahead of your times . . . 500 years laterWe went 1000 milesup inland Rocky MountainsMa sez, son dont take advantage of women. with special long enduringI didnt realize I had the advantage or looks etc. till later. It took agenes and chromosomeslong time coming. only to be watered down32 years later . . . . . .Only a few are reachingthe headwatersanymore104 105'