b'June 21, 1931:Yutaka (John) Takahashi and Sumie (Mary) Makuuchi are married. September 7, 1934:Howard Munio Takahashi is born to John and Mary Takahashi in Seattle, Washington.August 8, 1937:Harriet Soeko Takahashi isborn to John and Mary Takahashi in Seattle, Washington.December 7, 1941:Attack on Pearl Harbor.Japanese Americans who are perceived tobe threats by the US government begin to be taken into custody that same evening.February 19, 1942:President Franklin Delano Roosevelt signs Executive Order 9066, authoriz-ing the forced removal and incarceration ofmore than 120,000 US residents of Japanese ancestry.February 25, 1942:The US Navy removesFIGURE \x08 Yutaka (John) Takahashi and Sumie the first group of Japanese Americans fromFIGURE \x06 Mary, John, Howard, and Harriet Takahashi at Minidoka, ca. 1942(Mary) Makuuchi, Seattle, ca. 1931 Terminal Island in the Port of Los Angeles. 500 families are ordered to leave within 48 hours. March 18, 1942:Executive order 9102 establishesFebruary 1943:Loyalty Questionnaires areJanuary 2, 1945:Ban on West Coast resettle-the War Relocation Authority. circulated at all camps. These not only serve ment is lifted, and some families begin to return. the purpose of separating the loyal from theMany are targets for terrorist incidents, including March 24, 1942:First Civilian Exclusion Orderdisloyal, but also serve as registration for vandalism and bombings.issued for Japanese American residents ofpossible future military service.Bainbridge Island, Washington. This order wasApril 4, 1945:John Takahashi is released from the first of 108 to be issued from March to AugustFebruary 1, 1943:Activation of the all-NiseiMinidoka and relocates to the Twin Falls Labor of 1942. 442nd Regimental Combat Team. It remains theCamp.most decorated unit of its size in US military March 1942:The Wartime Civil Control Admin- history. June 25, 1945:Mary, Howard, and Harrietistration opens temporary assembly centers toTakahashi leave Minidoka for Twin Falls.detain Japanese Americans until incarcerationNovember 4, 1943:Uprising at Tule Lake,centers are built.the incarceration center where individuals who had been marked as disloyal, based on their May 1942:The extended Takahashi and responses on the Loyalty Questionnaires, were Makuuchi families are sent to Puyallup Assemblysent.Center at the Fairgrounds in Puyallup, Washington (known as Camp Harmony).January 14, 1944:American citizens ofJapanese descent become eligible for the draft.Late August/Early September 1942:Begin-ning of the transfer of incarcerees to permanentDecember 18, 1944:Verdict delivered in the camps, of which there are ten: Manzanar, case of Korematsu v. United States. FredPoston, Gila River, Topaz, Granada, Heart Moun- Toyosaburo Korematsu is convicted of violating tain, Minidoka, Tule Lake, Jerome, and Rohwer. Exclusion Order 34, which required that he leave his home in San Leandro, California. The United FIGURE \x07 John, Mary, and Howard Takahashi, May 1942:The Takahashi and Makuuchi fami- States Supreme Court upholds his conviction,FIGURE \x05 Mary, Harriet, and Howard Takahashi in Twin Falls, Idaho, ca. 19345 lies are transferred to Minidoka War Relocationsupporting the constitutionality of the removal ofca. 1945Center near Hunt, Idaho. Japanese Americans from the West Coast. 142 143'