b'FIGURE \x0b\x06 Hardedge dawings ala Dad via + CHECKLIST #31 FIGURE \x0b\x05 Neo Camp ala Ron Brown CHECKLIST #35who was also confined to Minidoka as a child, confirms that Makuuchis insistentIn 1998 Makuuchi added a work to his camp series that addressed the plight of assertion of his activist political views in his work was unusual and out of stepthe Indigenous people who were evacuated from the Aleutian and Pribilof islands with his contemporaries. 93 off the coast of Alaska. In June 1942, after a Japanese attack and occupation of the island of Atta, the US military removed hundreds of native residents to ill-The reference to Ron Brown is for the Chicago Imagist artist Roger Brownequipped, abandoned buildings (often former canneries) in southeastern Alaska. (19411997), whose work, such as Talk Show Addicts (fig. 40), an etchingAs a result of the overcrowding, lack of sufficient supplies, and poor medical published in the Andrew Balkin Editions portfolio AGB 1+10 (1993), may have,care, many Aleutians died. In addition to the inadequate facilities, the Aleutians in part, inspired Makuuchis print. Balkin included many Chicago Imagistsvillages were either burned to prevent Japanese use or vandalized by American in his portfolios (including Jim Nutt, Gladys Nilsson, and Karl Wirsum), andtroops during the occupation. While the evacuation was necessary to protect their quirky and personal figurative work has some resonance with Makuuchis.lives, it was poorly planned and executed, and the Aleutians were stranded and The Imagists are more satirical, however, and they often use bright colorsleft to suffer with little recourse. 94and the visual language of popular culture. 64 65'