b'and collaboration, between us as individuals and scholars and also throughThe catalogue has been expertly edited by Jessica Skwire Routhier and handsomely developments in the curriculum, support from academic partners, and thedesigned by Carolyn Eckert. engaging curiosity of Smith students. This exhibition and catalogue are funded in part by grants from the US Department In organizing this exhibition, we have been fortunate to have the assistanceof the Interior, National Park Service, Japanese American Confinement Sites of many colleagues. Margo Machida, Professor Emerita of Art History and AsianGrant Program; the Wyeth Foundation for American Art; Tryon Associates; American Studies at the University of Connecticut, has provided a compellingThe Maxine Weil Kunstadter, class of 1924, Fund; the Edith Stenhouse Bingham, afterword to this volume and has also shared her deep knowledge of theclass of 1955, Art Museum Fund; the Judith Plesser Targan, class of 1953, history of Asian American artists in the United States. Smith College studentArt Museum Fund and the SCMA Publications and Research Fund. Ariella Frishberg 12 provided excellent interviews with Jamie Makuuchi and Harriet Takahashi. Claire Haug 20 compiled the detailed chronology in thisAPRILE GALLANTvolume in addition to researching historical images. Research assistantsAssociate Director of Curatorial Affairs/Senior Curator of Prints, Anna Leversee 12 and Katarina Yuan 21 were diligent in their pursuit of detailsDrawings, and Photographs, Smith College Museum of Artand provided vital organizational assistance. Kristina Chang 18, Miche Hu 18, Emma Kemp 20, Natalia Perkins 19, and Christine Qian 21 participatedFLOYD CHEUNGin the selection of poems.Professor, English Language and Literature and American Studies, Smith CollegeDensho (www.densho.org), the publicly accessible repository of information on the incarceration of Japanese Americans during World War II, was an invaluable resource, informing many parts of this project. Research support was provided by the Smith College Special Collections and Interlibrary Loan staff, who rose (as usual) to the occasion, despite the disruption of a major construction project. Library staff at Boise State University and the University of Iowa were generous with their time and knowledge, and we would particularly like to thank Cheryl Oesteicher, Head of Special Collections and Archives at Boise State University, and H. Pedelty, User Services Librarian at the University of Iowa, for their help. Nick Baker and Andrew Maurer in the Smith College Imaging Center responded with alacrity to late requests for digital assistance. The staff of the Smith College Museum of Art (listed on page 160) have provided invaluable support, and we would like to particularly acknowledge Director/Chief Curator Jessica Nicoll and the exhibition team of Nikolas Asikis, Margi Caplan, Tiffany Cho, Matt Cummings, Deborah Diemente, Martha Ebner, Taiga Ermansons, Lily Foster, Anna Jean Hamel, Jessica Henry-Cross, Molly Hoisington, Kelly Holbert, and Ann Mayo for their efforts. We would also like to recognize the following people for facilitating and providing crucial information or assistance in the realization of this project: Andrew and Renee Balkin; Becky Barth; Josef LaVigne; Kate Lee; Franklin Odo; Jamie, Constance, Kolby, and Blake Makuuchi; Moyosore Okediji; Tom Nakashima; Randy Jayne Rosenberg and Joel Makower; Karina Schrengohst; Roger Shimomura; Becky Strain; Janine Sytsma; James Tanaka; Patti Thornton; Kate Wallen; Julie Warchol; Michelle Wick; and Marilyn Woodman.Mama Mammals under the eye of the Bomb/ CHECKLIST #468 9'