b'FIGUREEnd of a RainbowBoulder, Colorado CHECKLIST #3FIGURE \x08 Linescape CHECKLIST #7the types of lines Goya used in his prints, and to what purpose. This thesis also in- seriously affected Makuuchis studies. His transcript reveals a series of incom-cludes an appendix illustrating images of seven of Makuuchis own prints, includingpletes in his courses beginning in the spring of 1962, many of which were not Linescape, and the portraits of his grandmother and father, which he titled Old Joe. marked completed until the summer of 1964. It was unusual for a graduate stu-dent to spend three years in the MA program, a clear indication that Makuuchi Studying with Lasansky was a heady and intense experience, and it is clear thatwas having difficulty completing the work. he demanded focus and devotion to craft from his students. During his time in Iowa, Makuuchi had personal responsibilities that kept him from being able toAnother regular Lasansky assignment was for students to execute a self-portrait devote himself fully to his work. In addition to his teaching assistantship, Makuuchior a portrait of someone close to them. 43There are no recognizable self-portraits in had a wife and was expecting a child. He met Evelyn James, a sophomore atMakuuchis Iowa work, although his features appear in later narrative works. There Iowa, in 1962, and when she became pregnant, they married that June. Their son,are, however, many portraits of family members that were made during Makuuchis Jamie, was born in January 1963. The marriage was not a happy one, and Evelyntime in Iowa, including those of his grandmother and his father. One of the most filed for divorce in January 1964. That this personal tumult was accompaniedpoignant works in this series of family images is the etching My Son, My Son (fig. 17). by financial stress is evident in a September 1963 article in which Makuuchi is identified as a member of an excavation team for a gas storage facility. 42JugglingThis print is distinguished by the textures that make up the womans face, which graduate school, work, part-time teaching, and a young family appears to haveis shaped by judicious use of line and softly burnished in areas, particularly 32 33'