b'Lake Minidoka Foaming Demon Dragon The only re-settling pond in town For years I had a childhood chronic nightmare of a steaming trainMy rafting and ice skatingsledding place coming down the tracks on me . . . While testing the early fresh ice with its creak, crack, frozen Only recently in middle age did I realize it was that foaming dragon in thethunder/lightning sounds forestI fell through . . . and emerged through carp/crap that swallowed us up A paper draped Proto-Godzilla Railroaded my people and discarded us in a hell hot desert . . . Mifune energizedBaptized Shit us out in a deserted wasteland desertImmune to everything That night train on the slyWhere today the largest and sweetest melons are grown That sneak snaked blindedyet a tainted tasteremembered. through the night sky . . . Ah, to reach the state of enough shit Forgive but dont forget because that foaming puffing rabid dragon that Lift up my head to sunshine and fresh air and come up smelling roses swallowed us Though thorny as may be . . . has heads that regrow in many monstrous shapes . . . That it takes noise makers (like me) to distract the beastswhile those muted samurais actwith fiery silent swift swords That quick flick flip of the wrist . . . Yet there are those like meWho act and cut withquick flip lip quips . . . Weve come a long ways, butA long ways to go80 81'