b'a smaller whale. The sun shines brightly above, and a seabird floats serenely at left. Below the larger whale Makuuchi has written the eyes of the beast, and deep themity at the waterline. One of the most notable features of this print, other than its size, is the subtle use of color: a warm black is used to print the portions of the composition above the waterline, and a cool blue-black for those below. The work is accomplished and handsome, but a straightforward illustration. In contrast, A / A Seed Storage and Izumo Tower (fig. 43), executed the same year, is a more multilayered and complex composition. The Izumo Tower of the title refers to Izumo Taisha, a shrine in Izumo City, Japan. Here, Makuuchi has merged Izumo Taisha with the guard towers at Minidoka, siting it next to a barracks FIGUREMa Pa & Pod Protection Agencies. CHECKLIST #51structure in the background. A long chute from the tower extends into the forehead of a long-haired figure in the lower right, whose hand is morphing into a lizard-like form. Like many of Makuuchis prints, this work is open to interpretation, but it implies that memories of the camps have been planted in the minds of former detainees in a way that continues to change them. There are three poems in Makuuchis manuscript that relate to this work. One titled Ancient Seed Storage Shed asks the question: Were we but hybrid / seed, salted away / to flourish / when time was ripe? 98One of the most significant developments in Makuuchis life during the late 1990s was the growth of his family. His son, Jamie, married Constance Batz in 1996, and on April 25, 1999, their first daughter, Kolby, was born. 99This joyous event is directly addressed in Ma Pa & Pod Protection Agencies (fig. 44). The print, dated April 1999, depicts a small whale surrounded by adults, who are shielding the juvenile from an orca whale and a shark on the left. Makuuchi has inserted the word grandpa after his signature. It is clear that family was very much on Makuuchis mind; his daughter-in-law Constance is also the basis for Moon Catchers (fig. 45), his contribution to the Wisconsin Sesquicentennial Portfolio, published by Andrew Balkin Editions to celebrate the states 150th anniversary. This is the only color multiplate work in Makuuchis output. The image was adapted from a portrait taken at Jamie and FIGURE \x0b A / A Seed Storage and Izumo Tower. CHECKLIST #45 Constances wedding, although in the print she is depicted as pregnant. A leaping 70 71'