b'FIGURE \x0c\x0b Family CHECKLIST #15 FIGURE \x0c Whispers, Cries, Howls In a Dolls House CHECKLIST #21explorations he made in painting are also evident in the background of his printThis image of blurring boundaries can be interpreted as both a merging of work. Whereas the figures in the Iowa works are either emerging from heavilyidentities as well as a dissolution of relationships between the artist and his textured shadows or free floating in blank space, the prints executed in Madisonfamily members. By this time, Evelyn and Jamie had moved to Los Angeles, are tethered by a noticeable grid. Makuuchi does not appear to have madeand Makuuchi was only able to see his son during vacations. drawings for prints at this point in his career (none are extant); instead, he often started by using a crayon to draw what he called energy points directly onMakuuchi was preoccupied at this time by theories on the mysteries of women the metal plate as the basis of the composition. In his MFA thesis, Makuuchias well as what he called the psychosexual energies: The two contrasting male describes this as other dimensions . . . illuminated by alluding to mass, energy,and female forms meet and create an intense tension-release, emotion-peace space, time, solids, liquids, gas, light and plasma, as well as thought andand are born into another form. 54 Whispers, Cries, Howls In a Dolls House (fig. 24) emotion, and whatever else is yet to come.was inspired by the Ingmar Bergman film Cries and Whispers as well as Henrik Ibsens play A Dolls House. Both of these literary works focus on the psycholog-This structure is noticeable in Family (fig. 23), a group portrait of the artist,ical lives of female characters trapped in socially constrained circumstances. his former wife, and their son. Four figures are placed against a finely sketchedColor played a particularly key role in Bergmans film, so it is not surprising that background of lines, arcs, and circles, connecting a series of dots. Jamie,Makuuchi would choose this plate for his experiments printing with color. depicted at different ages, appears as a young boy on his mothers back at theA crouching nude woman is enveloped from behind by a hybrid figure printed in left, and as a pre-teen, staring forward and with fish emerging from his head,olive green. Several human faces are visible above her right shoulder, one with on the right. Makuuchis face, at center, eyes blank and mouth open, has noa mustache who appears to lick her cheek. A large fish, with the beaked profile of boundaries, seeming to dissolve between Evelyns profile and Jamies face.a sockeye salmon, hovers above. The figures encircling arms take the form 42 43'